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Week of Dec 8th - Dec 14th, 2006

Rapid Fire

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  This week we have a series of aspects which are being triggered one after the other in quick succession, igniting their fiery souls. Since the latter part of the summer, we have had a running stellium centered on the Sun occurring first in Virgo, then Libra, Scorpio and now Sagittarius.

Mercury Mars conjunction

Mercury is the last planet to enter Sag, but its speed causes it
to catch up with first Mars, and then Jupiter over the next few days

  During this WEBWeek, a number of these alignments will be conjuncting each other in Sagittarius. A stellium is a series of planets, three or more, all conjuncting each other in a group. What is unusual about this is that these planets all travel at different rates of speed, and for them to hang together like this for an extended period of time is unusual. The sign that this stellium is passing through is like a filter which affects the 'vibration' of these planets as a group. While they were passing through the sign Virgo in late August and September, there was a focus on work and health issues. As they peeled off into Libra, we began to tune more into our relationships (or their lack), and issues of fairness, balance and how we relate to others. Once they crossed into Scorpio, our passions were evoked and we had to focus on our bills, how we make money and our sensuality. Now, with the entourage moving into Sagittarius, we turn to the spirit of the holidays (whether Christmas, Chanukah and Ramadan), travel issues, or new philosophical pursuits. In college for instance, most students are now moving towards their final exams.

  Sagittarius deals with the big picture, whether physically through travel, mentally through expanded education, or spiritually through religion. Because it is in a fire sign, these people (or circumstances) tend to be excited or enthusiastic. This fire fuels a zest for life, optimism for what lies over the next horizon, or zeal for connecting with the divine. Team sports can be more exciting and competitive. On the flip side, this spunk can lead toward excess, overindulgence or surplus as we are given too much of a good thing, from food to expenditures. Muscles may be pulled or torn, as we try too hard or reach too far.

Mercury Mars constellational positions

How the Mercury Mars conjunction
would appear (if we turned out the light of the Sun)
against the backdrop of the stars

  Saturday evening Mars conjuncts Mercury, and we can act on our ideas. We are bold, state our minds and assert our opinions. On the high side we can get more done and launch new enterprises. On the flip side we can be overly subjective, only seeing things our own way.

  On Sunday Mercury both conjuncts and parallels Jupiter, and we are happy about what we hear, are provided with new opportunities, and buoyed with a confidence augmented by a sense of the long range plans. We can see where things are going. Both Mars and Jupiter are Fire Lords (one rules Aries and the other Sagittarius, both fire signs), and they each provide energy and initiative. On Monday Mars and Jupiter conjunct each other, and we have plenty of fuel to burn.

  Naturally, these are the general conditions of what's happening in the heavens, and these alignments describe how most people will be impacted, but it depends on how it is specifically triggered your chart. These conjunctions are occurring in the 3rd and 4th degrees of Sagittarius; so if you have planets at 3 and 4 degrees of the fire or air signs (Aries, Leo, Sag or Gemini, Libra and Aquarius), you will most benefit from these combinations. If you have natal planets at 3 and 4 degrees of Virgo, Pisces, Taurus or Cancer, then burn out is more likely, and slowing down is to be advised.


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