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Week of Nov 17th - Nov 23rd, 2006

Political Reality

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  As the political talleys poured in across the country, first the House and then the Senate came back into the grasp of the Democratic Party.

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The Senate race that put the Democrats back on top in the Senate

  For many people, this was the fulfillment of a long awaited dream; for others, it was a nightmare. But while the euphoric wave of celebration surges across the land, those intoxicated by this recent turn of events might sober to the political reality which must now be faced. When this administration came to power there was a budgetary surplus. Even our international political capital has been squandered on the waging of this war. Our infrastructure of roads and bridges is in a sad state of affairs, education and other social services have been allowed to languish, and in possibly what could be our most daunting task of all, global warming must now be confronted and dealt with. While Congress now stands united, it does so with an executive branch which will not agree with many of its initiatives. Also, the entire senatorial Democratic block is dependent upon two independent senators from New England voting with them each time.

  We are not out of the woods yet.

Gettysburg Address

In Lincoln's words, a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

  One of the fundamental problems with our democracy is that it is supposed to represent the will of the people. Inplied in this statement is the notion that it is the will of the majority of the people. The problem is that it is therefore very difficult to galvanize this majority into agreeing to accept of responsibility of taking on courses of action which are not popular, a term which comes from the Latin, popularis, meaning "belonging to the people". In difficult times, who is going to be willing to give up their share of the American dream? Who is going to be willing to pay more, or have less than our neighbors or forebearers? The Kyoto protocol accord is a case in point. Cutting back on our emissions will cost companies money and will cut into their profits. The greatest industrial nation in the world, the one with not only the most toys, but most everything else, has not been willing to retool our 'standard of living', arguing that scientific reports rest on unproven analysis and that additional research needs to be gathered before action can be taken.


  As the Age of Pisces windsdown, it's oppsite polarity, Virgo, has been the archetype towards which civilization has strived. Merchantilism has produced the princes of our time, and who of us can argue? We are so conditioned to look for the best deal that it is automatic, and who or what will awaken us from the realization that the population has become too large to sustain this lifestyle? Mercantilism is an extension of the realm of Mercury, the Roman lord of the merchant. During the Age of Pisces, the constellation of that name has held the position of the vernal equinox, the spring time point. The autumnal equinox has been passing through the constellation Virgo. As Pisces moves into Aquarius via the vernal equinox, so Virgo will pass into Leo with the atumnal equinox. Civilization's values are getting ready to change. Virgo has produced the workers in the Lord's vinyard (Pisces), seeking a good job in the hopes of obtaining security and retirement. As the autumnal equinox precesses into Leo, the societal emphasis will change from a focus on learning to that of loving one another, and of teaching the children, the seed of our future, to do the same.


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