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Week of Nov 10th - Nov 16th, 2006

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  This week we're going to take a little time to look at the larger picture.

  This is my personal opinion about what is getting ready to transpire based upon the research I have conducted in examining various myths, trends and historical analysis. We can debate the individual merits of various components of this theory, but in the end these discussions will have little effect on the eventual outcome. The answer will be easy. Time will tell. History will record it.

  We are at the very end of an age and my research suggests that when ages have ended, there is a general breakdown of the social order. The pillars which have sustained civilization begin to crumble, and the resulting social chaos is mid-wife to the new vibration getting ready to be born.

End of the Age of Taurus

The End of the Age of Taurus

  Taurus is an agricultural sign which deals with the land, farming, and Mother Nature. Agricultrue was the principal pillar of the Age of Taurus (4200-2100 BC), during which time Egypt harnessed the annual flooding of the Nile, collecting the harvest and storing it in graneries for future consumption. At the end of this period, a series of famines and other weather related phenomena led to an Egyptian 'dark age', and through that, a new vibration.

End of the Age of Aries

The End of the Age of Aries

  Aries is a sign based upon military strength. During the Age of Aries (2100 BC- 0 AD), war lords came into power. In the 1st century AD, the Age collapsed with the Roman civil wars, decimation of the noble ranks, and emergence into Empire.

End of the Age of Pisces

The End of the Age of Pisces

  We currently stand at the end of the age of Pisces. Aquarius is what will unfold once the baton is passed. In the last twenty years, the WEB has been talking about this same drumbeat, of weather patterns worsening, of conditions growing harsher, with political ideaologies becoming more antagonistic as supplies grow scarcer. These same themes are becoming more pronounced now so that they are easier to see. Over the next few years, these trends will become more obvious still.

  LONDON - "Global warming is now a reality and the debate about its existence is over, Britains's environment minister said Sunday, before the release of a report on the economic cost of climate change..."

Minister David Miliband

Minister David Miliband

  "I think that the scientific debate has now closed on global warming, and the popular debate is closing as well," said Miliband.

  It is becoming increasingly obvious that the impact of these changes are going to be catastrophic. While the report above focused (as so much of our civilization does) on the economic costs of climate change, understand that the implications of this change go far beyond the 'economic impact' of costing businesses more money. The War in Iraq is but a microcosom of the political arena we are about to see unfold in different ways around the world.

  As we stand poised, waiting on the beginnings of the labor pains of the new age, one of the fundamentals shifts which will occurr will be the moving away from fossil fuels as our energy soucre. Currently, these sources are controlled politically and individually. With the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, there will be new and alternative energy sources which will be made available to the people, not controlled by a select few.

  In the meantime we will watch as the haves and the have nots battle it out for their point of view.


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