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Week of Sept 15th - Sept 21st, 2006

Virgo Stellium

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  Over the last few weeks, we have been running under the influence of a Virgo stellium.
Virgo stellium Thursday midnight

Midnight Virgo Stellium

A conjunction is when two planets align with one another and are seen to appear together in the sky. On Friday the 22nd, just as this WEBWeek comes to an end, the Moon will conjunct the Sun, yielding not only our New Moon, but also an eclipse in the 29th degree of Virgo. While this eclipse will not be visible from North America, it is an interesting finale to a stream of energy which has been at work for some time.

  A stellium is an astronomical term for three or more planets aligning in a series of conjunctions, forming a network of metaphorical relay stations, each one molding the energy in its own special way, and then passing it on to the next planet in line. At midnight on the 22nd, Juno will be at 18 degrees of Virgo, Venus at 19, Vesta at 23 degrees, the lunar South Node at 25, the Moon at 25, and the Sun at 29 degrees of Virgo. Mars and Mercury were recently a part of this grouping, but have already 'crossed the line' into Libra. Twenty four hours later, both the Sun and Moon will have left Virgo and entered Libra, tipping the scales in favor of the sign of grace, peace, balance and harmony.

  The translation of all this energy is that over the last month we have been working very hard cleaning, organizing, filing and repairing tasks in our life. This could be in areas of your personal life, for instance working on the family home or affairs, or it could be tasks which are being assigned to you on the job. On the high side, with all these planets in Virgo, an incredible amount of work has been able to be achieved. Larger tasks have been able to be tackled, clearing out any deadwood and moving it on. Since Virgo is the sign of 'work and health', this can also have been a time (and still is over the next week or so), where we can be paying better attention to our health, both by improving our diet (eating more quality foods), getting out and exercising, or by finding out information about what it is that we may have and then acting on that info.



  Whenever there is a concentration of energy in one sign like this, there is a real focus of effort. Naturally, we all respond to these themes somewhat differently, but if you look to your natal chart and notice in which house Virgo falls, that will be the area for you that has really received the emphasis. In you have Virgo in the 1st house (Virgo rising), you've been working on yourself, your image and your own health. If you have Virgo in the 2nd house, then organizing your finances and personal values have received the nod. In the 3rd house would indicate that your desk work and communications have been cleaned up, etc. The houses of the chart indicate where, in our life, we actually 'ground' the energy. The sign (in this case Virgo) is what the energy is, and how it is being woven into our lives.

  With Saturn still in Leo, there has not been much time for fun during this period. It may seem that children have had to grow up a little more quickly than usual. We have had to learn specific techniques. Indeed, since the school semester began during this Virgo stellium, the entire year will be more focused on the precision of each of the technical tools being offered, and the teachers will be focused on making sure all of the 'i's are dotted and each of the 't's crossed.


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