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Week of Sept 8th - Sept 14th, 2006

Making the Change

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  On August 31st, Saturn opposed Neptune.


On Thursday, September 14th, Saturn will contraparallel Neptune. These two alignments are giving us an extended look at deeper sides of our life, and are making some real changes which will have long term implications.

  Saturn deals with the fundamental realities of our life. It's how old we are, and what limits it means for you. It is our time, and how we organize and what we do with it. Saturn is the practical realities of life, of what you owe, and to who, physical restrictions and the system.

  Neptune, on the other hand, is the mystical. It is our hidden side and the shadows. It's facing the unknown and learning to let go. It is our psychological perception, the images we put together to observe our perception of life.

Neptune's single eye

Neptune's single eye

  When Saturn opposes Neptune, these two archetypes are fundamentally at odds with each other. We can have a dark opinion about the circumstances surrounding us, whether they be others or the circumstances we are confronting.

  As a rule, people tend not to like Saturn very much. He makes us be disciplined, limits our time, penalizes and reproves us when we step over the line. But if our Saturn is taken away, then we realize just how valuable or important it is (or was) to us. 'Hey, wait a minute! What do you mean I'm fired?' is a case in point. Your job may not have paid much, and you didn't like what it was they made you do, but wow that miniscule check really helped to make everything hold together for the last few years.

  And that's what's happening with Saturn opposing and contraparalleling Neptune. We are in the process of losing something we have been holding onto for a long, long time. For each of us, it takes on a slightly different hue, but the underlying themes are still the same. In my own life, I am turning over a whole new face as I repaint the family house in South Deerfield, and throw out many of the layers of the last twenty years. I have been recently married, but I must finish this project before rejoining my new bride on the west coast. She had to return because she is a teacher.

  Lisa has returned to California to find out that her old job had finally terminated, and when I talked to her this afternoon, she was on her way to an interview. My daughter (who is just leaving the house I am repainting) has for the first time in her life moved out of the valley to Quincy, out from under Mom's protective wing. Not an easy task for one with Moon in Cancer.

  As Saturn twice aligns with Neptune, we are not sure where this new turn of events will take us. Neptune is the subconscious, and we 'don't know' how the trail may twist and turn from here. But several things can be gleamed from within the fog.

  It's going to take a lot of hard work, we are often going to feel rather depressed about it, and the buttons that are being pushed seem to feel a lot like some of the major old issues, scar tissue if you will, which has ripped us in the past.

  But now IS the time during which we are building ourselves a new platform for the future, so put the time into it, give it the elbow grease which is required, and know that you aren't going to have a final focus on it for a while. But that's OK.


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