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Week of Sept 1st - Sept 7th, 2006

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  The stars have long been associated with health and the well being of the body.
Atalante Hermes

Atalante Hermes

Right now, both the Sun and Mercury are in Virgo, and since Mercury rules Virgo this is a great time to take on tasks and projects. Make a list and check it twice.

  Mercury is the planet of the mind. It makes choices and decisions after analyzing the data. With the Sun and Mercury running together, the solar fire fuels Mercury, supplying a heightened awareness of our environment. The mind and the mental outlook are improved, in so far as charm of speech and pleasantness of manner are concerned. Confidence rather than worry is in evidence. As a rule, we make better choices. This is the time to shine.

  But Mercury does not work as well where patience is concerned. They tend to be fidgety, and want to get on with whatever else they're already thinking about. Also, Mercury doesn't work well when there simply isn't an answer. The inner wheels begin to turn over faster and faster in an attempt make the few pieces fit to figure out an answer. You can almost see the smoke coming out of their ears.

  On the positive side, Mercury in Virgo is good at quality control. They were born with an attention to detail. This is an excellent combination for business and commercial enterprises. If you have a good aspect to Mercury in your chart, or if transiting Mercury is making a favorable aspect, it's a great time to sign a contract of finalize a deal. On the flip side, people under its influence can sometimes take on too many projects or don't know when to quit. They can spend quite a bit of time shaving the perfection finer and finer. This can eventually cause their nervous systems to burn out.

  According to H. L. Cornell, MD, Mercury is the chief celestial influence over the nervous system, and it specifically rules the right cerebral hemisphere and the motor segment of the spinal cord. In several places he mentions that the color blue is a Nervine, "and soothing to nervous patients."

Caduceus shirt

Caduceus shirt

  As a rule, Mercury is not a particularly strong influence in the affairs of day to day life. It represents shifts of mental focus and attention, just as the Moon controls shifts in emotion. Together these are two of the most vacillating planets in the solar system, and the fastest, in terms of daily speed.

  But Mercury is a two way street. It is both talking and listening. When Mercury is triggered in your chart, you may find yourself in a situation where more people are listening to what you have to say, you are needing to make some important decision, or, you may be on the receiving end, having to change your plans now that so and so has decided they're not going to... etc.

  Mercury is such an important part of our daily existence that we tend to overlook its influence. When we not speaking, we're listening. When we're not listening to someone else, we're reading, writing or having little conversations in our head about whether we should or shouldn't follow a specific course of action.

  Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, and he literally runs rings around his older brother, as though in some celestial game of tag. Is it any wonder that these two were considered to be buddies, having given each other presents before Mercury was even a full day old.


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