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Week of August 18th - August 24th, 2006

Mercury's Journal

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  This is going to be an busy week for Mercury,

Mercury, holding his caduseus
and a merchant's purse.

the planet and personality thought to be the Messenger of the Gods. After the Moon, Mercury is the fastest of the planets, and through the course of this WEBWeek (Friday to Thursday), it makes nine aspects to various other planets, not including the Moon.

  Considered by itself, Mercury represents the mind; what we think about, how we talk to people, and how we organize our day. The western world puts a lot of stock in Mercury, as our elementary education system seeks to teach, train and mold the mind into standardized manners of perception. Life is a rational analysis which can be broken down into an elemental formula and solved, or so the story goes. Naturally, there is a fair amount of truth in this synthesis, but it is a narrow view which has a hard time working with issues which are 'out of the box', such as the unknown, spirituality, or issues of faith, for instance. But Mercury has an extensive role to play here on the Earth, looking at alternative sides of questions, exploring issues with great curiosity, and helping to keep us posted on local and daily events which are ever in flux.

  Mercury is considered to be neutral in its temperament, adopting the coloring of its surroundings like a chameleon. The same person will modify what they say depending on who they are talking to. We tell our mothers a different story than we might tell our lover, or our children for instance.

  Because Mercury is neutral and absorbs the 'coloring' of its environment, what we talk about, how we express it, and how deeply it grabs us are all dependent upon what Mercury is aspecting in any given day. This gives us an opportunity to watch its changes from day to day, and see how it plays out in our lives, and in the lives of those around us.

Mercury anew

The aspects Mercury makes may change our image of how we see things.

  Early Friday morning, Mercury squares Jupiter and our excess is in abundance. We may talk too much, take on too many projects, over-react to what's being said or over simplify matters. On Saturday morning, Mercury inconjuncts Uranus, and people change their minds about projects, there could be equipment malfunctions, information is incorrect or we discuss unusual matters with people whom we consider to be a little 'out there'. Since each of these aspects occurs before dawn, we may experience them the evening before (Thursday and Friday evenings).

  On Sunday evening, Mercury conjuncts Saturn and our thoughts are more serious and deliberate. We may be mentally fatigued or we might discuss things in a more conservative light. We may have to experience some delays. On Monday afternoon Mercury opposes Neptune and we may not understand what someone else is trying to say, may lose directions or information, forget about an appointment or are more sensitive to what someone else says. That evening Mercury parallels Saturn and we're back to Sunday's themes. On Tuesday morning Mercury semisextiles Mars, and communications are easier and more spontaneous. We express ourselves with ease. On Wednesday afternoon, Mercury contraparallels Neptune and Monday's themes are re-engaged. Finally, on Thursday Mercury trines Pluto and our thoughts, speech and actions are focused and succinct. We can cut to the quick and figure out what can be done most efficiently.


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