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Week of August 11th - August 17th, 2006

The Times They Are A'Changin'

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Neptune a la Hubble


  As we watch the wheels goin' round the question arises, how do we focus our lens of time? It all has to do with how fast the planets move through the sky. For daily events and the public mood, we watch the Moon. For daily up to weekly events, we watch the changes among the inner planets; Mercury, Venus, the Sun and Mars. While Venus, the Sun and Mercury approximate a degree a day, the Moon moves from 12 to 15 degrees a day, and can trigger a host of different alignments within 24 hours. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can each have entirely different attitudes and ambience. This ebb and flow swims with the Moon.

  Conversely, the outer planets, those further from the Sun and with longer orbital periods, don't make alignments to each other very often. You might see Mercury or Venus make an aspect to an outer planet, but you don't see Uranus making too many aspects to Pluto. At the outer end of the spectrum, you can see longer term changes in life around us.

  Over the next few weeks we will see something between these two extremes taking hold in our lives, as Saturn approaches the opposition to Neptune on the last day of the month. Like a great ship coming into dock, the lines are thrown, and then tightened, securing a bridge between two of nature's elements, land and sea. Saturn opposing Neptune will restructure our realities, making us dig into our basement, and unload the refuse which has been stacking up there.

  Saturn is structure, the way we're used to doing things. It's how we schedule our time, and our life. It's the weight we must carry, our walls and the shield behind which we hide when we need protection (run to the police, for instance). Saturn is government. Saturn is rules. Saturn is the tester.



  Neptune is our subconscious, represented by the sea all of the life that lies below what we can see on the surface. It is our sleep and how well rested we are, it is how much support we feel we have, how much storage space or place of serenity. It is our inner refuge. It is the dissolver.

  As Saturn moves into the opposition to Neptune. our relationship reserves will be at a low. This could be a time when the way you see someone else is over. Saturn is the Terminus. Time's up. The season has moved, they are too old, life moves on. It could be your relationship with the ocean, or a period over which you're working the midnight oil, not getting enough rest. The resulting fatigue could fuel a good deal of any irritation which makes whatever you're having to do more difficult. You don't feel as though the other guy has been putting enough into the relationship. Ask them specifically what it is that's lacking, and the response some vague dismissive gesture. It's possible that they don't really want the problem solved. This aspect has been stirring events in the Middle East, redefining the walls (boundaries) between countries.

  On the flip side, as Saturn opposes Neptune we can graduate to the next level, by becoming more flexible and imaginative about how this new situation might be managed. Time will be in short supply, but this is also when you can really get some work done. Make it professional. Collect all that work you've been pulling together over the months and years and give it the final push!


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