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Week of July 28th - August 3rd, 2006

Kronos and Uranos

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  One of my favorite stories to relate to folks as an introduction to the wisdom these ancient myths can hold is the tale about Gaia and Uranos and their child, Kronos. According to one version, Uranos would come down to lie with Gaia every night. Because he knew one of his offspring was destined to overthrow him, he refused to let her bear her children. Nevertheless, she confided in one of these, providing him with a flint sickle and instructions to do something about Dad. Hiding behind a rock, wily Kronos waited until Dad came down that evening, jumped out from his hiding place, and castrated him Uranos then pulled back from Gaia, and has never again laid with her.

Saturn or Kronos

Saturn, known to the Greeks as Kronos (Time).
In the mortal realm, Saturn (Time) eats all his children.
From dust ye came, and unto dust ye shall return.

  If we translate these personalities, Gaia becomes the Earth, Uranos the starry sky and Kronos time (Saturn). The essence of this story is that Time has always been the offspring of Earth and Sky. The Earth's rotation on its daily axis provides us with the time of day in any given location, while the Earth's rotation around the Sun yields the time of the year. From the megalithic record, Newgrange, Malta, Stonehenge and others testify that early attempts to construct our calendar were made from behind standing stones. Rejecting the myth for technical reasons (how could an unborn child interact with his father?) is to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  In astrological terms, Saturn can represent structure while Uranus is the structure breaker. Saturn represents time and tradition, conservative views and the status quo. It is rules and regulations which help to preserve that which society holds to be important, from the legislature to the guard at the archaeological site who prevents people from carving their names into the monument, or from taking away pieces of the site in the form of mementos. Uranus, on the other hand, is unconventionality and freedom, independence and the unorthodox. Uranus can be either oblivious to the accepted traditions of society, or they knowingly runs against the grain. Uranus makes his own rules. The ones he chooses.

The planet Saturn

The planet Saturn

  Just after midnight Monday evening EDT, Saturn will inconjunct Uranus (a one hundred and fifty degree alignment as seen from the Earth) in a tension building combination. The archetype of structure is on a collision course with the archetype of the structure breaker. Since Uranus rules Aquarius, Uranus also represents the future (we are headed into the Age of Aquarius). The past is on a collision course with the future.

  This alignment will take place in the 14th degrees of Pisces (Uranus) and Leo (Saturn). Individual beliefs may come crashing down hard,
Zeus (Naples museum)

Uranus and the stars

and those in positions of power may take a hit. Technology is always a contender with Uranus, and this could be a time when information is simply wrong or difficult to work with. Computers may crash. Tensions will build, and bridges may be broken. Those who have planets anywhere in their chart at 14 degrees will feel it. The US Saturn is at 14 degrees of Libra and may well be caught in this celestial knot. On the high side, this can be a time to re-assess the situation, and bring outdated systems into alignment with the new technology. If you don't make these adjustments consciously, life may wind up carving a path of it's own choosing for you.


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