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Week of July 14th - July 20th, 2006

Pluto Calling

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  (Hello WEBFans! I would just like to apologize for the lateness of this week's column, but I am traveling on honeymoon through the Greek Islands (at the moment), and finding Internet providers has been, how you say, interesting. Blessings to all! Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here!)

  This week, the focus is going to be on Pluto, as several planets make aspects to the Lord of the Underworld. Because Pluto generically rules Scorpio, a fixed water sign, these combinations generally mean that some of our deepest emotions come to the surface, and we react to circumstances in an other than rational manner. Reason, arbitration, and intelligent choices are generally the province of air signs. Emotions are water signs.

Sun Mercury Conjunction

The Sun Mercury conjuntion.
Mercury is retrograding (dropping in numbers)
and therefore has yet to inconjunct Pluto.

  On Friday, Venus will oppose Pluto. The basic nature of this alignment is that we dig down deeper into our relationships. On the high side, this can mean a stronger attraction to and passion for others. But because Pluto deals with our primordial passions, there is often an element of fear involved. This is precisely what makes the situation so exciting, because there is an element of danger, but it also makes it difficult to control the situation. Relationships can be more enticing, sexy or charismatic. But it can also be taboo. People may try to use these qualities to get their own way, we may lose something that we're fond of, possibly through breakage, or there could be a real expense involved, using up resources we had planned to allocate elsewhere. On the high side, this is a time when interpersonal emotional knots can be worked through, financial outlays can really help to get things fixed and working again, or we can even balance the checkbook.

  Mercury is heading back to conjunct the Sun on Tuesday morning. On Monday, the Sun inconjuncts Pluto, on Wednesday Mercury inconjuncts Pluto. These two alignments dig a little deeper. Both the Sun and Pluto deal with power and control. In an inconjunct they are not being easily integrated into the other. People see things from their own point of view. The Sun rules Leo, which is a fixed sign. Pluto rules Scorpio which is a fixed sign. When two sets of opinions are each set in their own way, there is little room for compromise. As a results, heads may roll, situations are forced or funds are terminated.

  With Mercury inconjuncting Pluto on Wednesday, it is communications which are beginning to receive the focus. Words have more weight and have the potential to cut more deeply. Verbal arguments are probable, car accidents are possible, or it could be that we simply pick up a speeding ticket. Plans could be re-directed, or mis-quoted information costly.

  Naturally, these alignments are what is happening in the heavens at these times, and will be what we see going on in the general public around us. They will impact you more individually if you have planets in your chart at 24 or 25 degrees of any of the signs, but especially Sagittarius, Cancer or Gemini.

  The problem with Pluto is that we often get our buttons pushed. Rather than being willing to face our issues we run from them, fighting a rear guard action as we leave. It is a time to clear out deadwood, get rid materials, whether objects or people, which no longer serve us. Let them go, be willing to try new directions and attempt not to lash out at others as the emotional temperature begins to rise.

  As both the Sun and Mercury inconjunct Pluto, our life is liable to become a little crazier, the pace more hectic and the stakes higher. Know that this is a difficult period, and treat it with some real respect.


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