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Week of June 16th - June 22nd, 2006

Mars conjunct Saturn

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  This Sunday, June 18th at 2:03 AM EDT, Mars will conjunct the planet Saturn. For those who study the stellar science, this alignment generally raises eyebrows Saturday night. While Venus and Jupiter are considered the two benefics (think of 'beneficial') of the visible planets, Mars and Saturn are thought to be the malefics. When these two come together, it can indicate a time of difficult lessons.

Mars Saturn conjunction

Mars Saturn Conjunction
Saturn has the ring around it, Mars is the red box just above it.

  Mars is the planet of initiation, enthusiasm, spontaneity, and vigor. It likes to 'get its motor running',
Stop light

Mars on top.
The Stop Light.

to leap into the fray, to bound into action or otherwise concentrate its forces on the here and now. Saturn, on the other hand, is the planet of structure and preparation, discipline and hard work. The ringed planet lends itself to conservative efforts, erring on the side of caution and mature judgement. If Mars is the planet of 'go', Saturn is the planet of 'stop'. When these two come together in the heavens, life seems to have one foot on the accelerator, the other on the brake. Our vehicle longs to lurch forward, but cannot. The strain on the chassis can reverberate through our being, and cause us have to deal with some hard choices.

  Originally written in the first decade of the 20th century, here's what Llewellyn George's A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator had to say about this combination in a hard aspect: "Inclines to quick, violent temper which leads to quarreling, fighting, jealousy and perhaps crime. Danger of accident and broken bones" (Mars rules accidents, while Saturn rules the skeletal system); "loss in business or occupation; thefts; nervous apprehension and irritability; liable to sudden, sharp, serious attacks of illness."

  Checking another source, here's what Reinhold Ebertin had to say about this difficult facet in his "Combination of Stellar Influences", first printed in 1940.

  "Periods of impotence and weakness alternating with periods of brutal or ruthless progress and advancement in life. All will directed activity meets complete resistance. Tests of strength, disputes, separations, illnesses."

Rocky path

Rocky path

  Saturn is the planet of time and experience. Because Mars is conjuncting Saturn, this alignment suggests new beginnings and a brand new start. This is also the end of an old and outdated cycle. There hasn't been time to prepare or learn the lay of the new land. This is NOT a time to lash out, as you will only wind up hitting yourself in the head. We can expect extra effort, difficulties, time constraints, or some other impediment in our path. The walls on either side of us are sheer rock faces.

  There are few choices. None are easy.

  The other piece is that Mars will be conjuncting Saturn in Leo. This will hit in the heart. Our time with a loved one is now cut short. Children can no longer play. The door is closed on a side of ourselves which meant a lot. There's no more fun.

  On the high side, this is the commencement of a new beginning Time has now deposited you in a new, more mature role. Accept it, and use these hard times to build a whole new sense of capability and self direction; one which you have not travelled before.

  This is a new mountain road.

  Now is your time to climb it.


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