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Week of May 19th - May 25th, 2006

The Fleet Footed Messenger

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  Mercury is very active this week. On Friday afternoon it enters the sign Gemini, the sign of its rulership and then, early on Sunday morning (EDT), the Sun enters Gemini. On Monday, Mercury sextiles Saturn, on Tuesday it splits (semi-squares) both Venus and Mars, and then on Wednesday it inconjuncts Jupiter. Each of these alignments will flush a different facet of Mercury, so that we might observe the multiple ways in which a single planet might respond. If you have any planets in the early degrees of Gemini, Mercury will come knocking on your door and has a few messages for you.

Both Mercurys

Both Mercuries

  The first few degrees of a sign (zero, one, two and three degrees) are among the most energized of any in the zodiac. There has just been a shift in the vibration, and like a fountain spurting up from out of the ground, there is a rush to life, molded by the new territory which has just been entered. Mercury is clever and mischievous, talkative and inventive. As Mercury enters Gemini, there is more of a buzz, as people run errands, stop to chat, talk on their cellphones, write emails, send letters, and otherwise state their minds. Gemini is the original multitasker, doing a minimum of at least two things at once. Unless hard aspects compromise the energy, they are quick studies, sampling life in all its various aspects. When a soul comes into the Earth plane as a Gemini, they are here to learn about the diversity of life, to hear and tell stories about the various ways people do things. Because they are adaptable to circumstances as they change, their opinions often change like the shifting breezes of the day. Gemini is an air sign. It deals with the changing headlines in the news and the changes in the weather. Every day its a little different, with something new to focus on, and talk about as time marches on.


  Over the weekend some of the more stimulated themes of the sign will be felt as Mercury crosses the first few degrees of the sign. Sunday would be a great day to day trip, going off on a journey to see something new, take a picnic, go for a walk, bike ride or hike, geocache or call folks on the phone. On Monday, as Mercury sextiles Saturn, the communicative energy is more grounded, and we can better deal with our responsibilities, allowing for enough time to get things done, talking to people in charge, and in general focus on the necessities of what each of us must do in our day to day life.

  On Tuesday Venus squares Mars, and Mercury crosses the midpoint between these two, forming semi-squares to each. We may get into fights with our loved ones or say some things a little too quickly. There's much energy in this combination, and with the square falling in the cardinal signs Aries and Cancer, this would be a great time to beautify the home or work on your body, but try to avoid either spontaneous decisions involving extra expense, or pushing too hard (and potentially hurting yourself) if you decide to return to the gym now. The more you really want something on Tuesday, the more you should take time to consider it carefully. If it's really true, it will still be true on Friday, so why not wait until then?

  Finally, on Wednesday evening, Mercury inconjuncts Jupiter, and what is being said is over stated. It's not as big, small, important or damaging as they say. Take tales with a grain of salt.


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