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Week of Apr 14th - Apr 20th, 2006

Post Eclipse Debriefing

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  In our March 10 edition of the WEB, we talked about the lunar eclipse hitting the Midheaven of the US natal chart. It was entitled, 'Power Outage in Washington.' Here is a quote from that column.


US Capitol

  "This week, there will be a lunar eclipse at 24 degrees and 15" of Virgo. Since the US Midheaven is 24 degrees and 52" of this same sign, the eclipse falls right on it (less than 2/3 of a degree). This tight alignment will influence our executive status. Since eclipses are an interruption in the flow of energy, we can anticipate that either the President (the Midheaven) or Vice President (Moon on the Midheaven) will be impacted. Something will happen which affects their political health, physical health, administrative decisions, or their staff and support systems (all ruled by Virgo), undermining their ability to govern."

  "Unlike most aspects, eclipses generally do not occur just as the alignment becomes exact, but set the stage for the days ahead. Lunar eclipses are said to be triggered sometime within the coming month (the lunar cycle)."

  We are now one month later. What has transpired in the intervening lunar cycle?

  "WASHINGTON, March 28 - President Bush replaced his chief of staff, Andrew H. Card Jr., with another longtime loyalist on Tuesday, a step unlikely to satisfy calls within his own party for fresh thinking to address the administration's troubles..."

Bush being told on 9/11

Andrew H. Card, Jr.

  "The change, however incremental, occurred at a crucial moment in Mr. Bush's presidency and, in a White House remarkable for the stability of its senior staff, represented at least a symbolic turning point. With Mr. Bush's poll numbers at or near their lows, his agenda stalled, his party no longer staying in line behind him and the Iraq war overshadowing almost everything he does, the president has been under pressure to give his administration new energy and direction."

  Another depletion in the ranks was to follow:

  "WASHINGTON, April 3- Representative Tom DeLay, the relentless Texan who helped lead House Republicans to power but became ensnared in a corruption scandal, has decided to leave Congress, House officials said Monday night."

Representative Tom DeLay

Rep. Tom DeLay

  "One DeLay ally said that the lawmaker had been considering leaving Congress since he gave up his leadership post in January and that he had been persuaded to make the break last week, when his former deputy chief of staff, Tony Rudy, pleaded guilty to corruption charges."

  And finally:

  "WASHINGTON, April 6 - Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff testified that he was authorized by President Bush, through Mr. Cheney, in July 2003 to disclose key parts of what until then was a classified prewar intelligence estimate on Iraq, according to a new court filing. The testimony by the former official, I. Lewis Libby Jr., cited in a court filing by the government made late Wednesday, provides an indication that Mr. Bush, who has long criticized leaks of secret information as a threat to national security, may have played a direct role in authorizing disclosure of the intelligence report on Iraq."

  Let's see now; that's one Chief of Staff, one majority leader, together with court filings implicating both the VP and the President.

  How'd we do?


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