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Week of Mar 3rd - Mar 9th, 2006

The Archetype

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  The Sun is currently making its way through the sign Pisces,

Sign of the Fishes

the archetype of the subconscious. Any of the many trapdoors which lead into the subconscious are a part of the realm of Neptune, whether they are sleep or dreams, drinking or getting high, meditation or prayer, or any of a number of other possible manifestations (anesthesia, monasticism, ignorance, denial, ESP, clairvoyance, fantasies, animation, daydreaming, creative visualization, Silva Mind Control, Nirvana, etc.). Recently, I had an opportunity to experience this archetype in one of its purest forms.

  Neptune is getting ready to conjunct my Ascendant. In February, the Sun came through and moved into a conjunction with both Neptune and my Ascendant, illuminating Neptune's power. At the time I was in Boulder, staying at the planetarium, getting ready for my show. For the previous two evenings I had not slept well. The Sun conjuncting Neptune can put too much power in the subconscious; one is too conscious to fall into unconsciousness. One night was too hot, and I tossed and turned; the next evening the local astronomy group was playing Science Fiction movies all night long as part of a fund raiser. Again I was not able to sleep, with the movie soundtrack wrenching me back into wakefulness periodically. Nevertheless, the planetarium show turned out very well and afterwards I went out to have a celebratory meal, which included shrimp.



  The next morning I came down with food poisoning. It was pain such as I had rarely, if ever, known. It was continual, focused, and would not go away. For a period of about five or six hours I threw up, convulsed and cried it hurt so bad. Having gone to bed, I lay on one side, on my back, and then on the other side, attempting to find a comfortable position, but nothing helped. Hours later, as I turned to the wall for the umpteenth time, I attempted to take my focus off the pain (focus becomes like a guardian, watching over the tender spot, attempting to protect it), and tried to realign my attention to my third eye instead. Almost immediately, I felt a shift, and the pain lessened slightly. Focusing on the pain also has a way of amplifying it, but with something that alarming, it's difficult to do otherwise. As I attuned, the pain lessened, and I slipped into a trance.

  I went to a place that looked out along a sandbar, which then slipped beneath the sea about 30 or 40 yards out. On one side the water was calm and placid, like the water adjacent to a shoreline. On the other side, there was a large wave, curled and suspended as though ready to crash, yet with life and lights visibly moving within and through it. It reminded me of a kind of plasma. I wasn't sure if I had ventured down this sandbar or not, but felt I had. It was a place of incredible peace and healing.

  It was only later I realized what this vision was about. I had dreamed of going to sleep. The ocean was the archetype of Pisces. The end of the sandbar was where my consciousness had slipped beneath the waves. After being in so much pain for so long, finally going to sleep was incredibly peaceful, and some of the greatest serenity I had known in a long time. It was the path to the healing, as I wound up sleeping most of the rest of the illness off. As the Sun conjuncted Neptune, I literally journeyed there.

  The tide had finally turned.


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