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Week of Feb 24th - Mar 2nd, 2006

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  While rummaging around in my bag of Moonbeams,


(a place where I once used to store notions which occasionally made a mad dash across my synapses, catching them by the tale before they could get away), I stirred up some memories of times gone by. It's actually been years since I last delved into this collection, which seems to have added to their luster over time, making me smile.

  The Moon is the ruler of this segment of creation's realm. As the reflected light of the Sun (the planet of action or being- the heartbeat, what it is we do, our essence), so the Moon is the memory of those actions being replayed on the silver screen, whether that be movies or the soft silvery light of the inner eye. People who have the Moon in Cancer, the sign of its rulership, tend to have phenomenal memories, recalling colors, textures and even smells of yesteryear with great ease. The Moon also rules our family, and the personal bonds we share with them.

  The first Moonbeam to smile down on me was a conversation I had had with kt (sic) when she was younger, my Moon in Cancer daughter. I must have been describing some component of the Earth's evolution long ago, because I began with,

  "Some twenty million years ago..."

  Whereupon, she immediately interrupted me with, "Wait, Dad." Then after thinking about it for a few seconds, said,

  "That's B.C, right?"

kt and Andy

kt and Andy, a long time ago...

  Another silvery ray which found its way comes straight from Mark Twain, who once said,

  "Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side, which he never shows to anybody."

  Because the Moon is our emotions, it's what we do because we feel like doing it, not because it's rational (Mercury), right (Sun) or the moral (Jupiter) thing to do; like sitting around the house in our underwear. Under the Full Moon these feelings can overwhelm our rational sentiment and people go around doing things like getting drunk and dancing with lampshades on top of their heads. Movies play upon this theme often, panning from the Full Moon to the scene which is getting ready to dramatically unfold, adding suggestive subliminal emphasis.

  Another of the lustrous ditties tucked in a corner while contemplating this celestial feast is that everyone knows the Moon is made of Welsleydale Cheese, which is why it rules over food.

Wensleydate Cheese

Wensleydale Cheese

  "Bathe in the memories of our minds. Personally, I try to eat a couple of bites of eternity every morning for breakfast. Unfortunately while on this diet there's a pronounced tendency towards gas."

  To be in touch with the Moon is to be in touch with food, our bodies, and the natural cycles of the earth. From menstruation to the ocean's tides, this ebb and flow is part of this earthly rhythm, which can be as simple as listening to your body when it speaks to you (which it does all the time), learning to follow its advice (pain is a good place to begin), and to honor its wisdom.

  The Moon: memories and more.

Like the corners of my mind
Misty watercolor memories
Of the way we were
Scattered pictures
Of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another
For the way we were

  Where's Barbara Steisand when you need her?


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