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Week of Feb 10th - Feb 16th, 2006

Aquarian History

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  Aquarian energy is a weird duck. It's generally portrayed as altruistic sign, with lofty visions of brotherhood and peace. Since we are headed toward the Age of Aquarius, it's associated with the future and where society is headed; as opposed to tradition and preserving the status quo. While all of these themes can be true, the reality is often surprising.

Water Bearer

Water Bearer

  Currently, Neptune is in Aquarius. This outer planet portrays larger social conditions. At the time of George W's original inauguration, the Sun, Mercury and Uranus were also in this sign. Because the swearing in took place just past noon, all four of these planets were in the tenth house, the position of power, authority and the greatest visibility. This means that we have had an extended period of time to watch the 'flip side' of Aquarian energy. It is the sign of the unusual and unexpected. It's unique and distinctive, marching to the beat of a different drummer. While most of the planets in our solar system rotate around a vertical axis, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, rotates around an axis which is basically horizontal and is roughly 87 degrees 'out of alignment' with the others. On the positive side, this gives Aquarians a unique perspective. They see things differently, which can have obvious advantages. But if you don't happen to agree with their perspectives, they can seem pretty offbeat.

  But in spite of this spirit of teamwork and brotherhood, Aquarius can also be a very cold sign, using humanitarian ideals to suit their own purposes, ignoring the lowest common denominator of public opinion or sentiment. They subscribe to their own brand of science, sticking to the 'facts'. These individuals can reside at the extreme left or right, but either way, they can be deeply entrenched, as this 'fixed air' sign suggests. Fixed air can be interpreted as set opinions or rigid ideas. This determination can assist them in their commitment to getting things done in a sustained manner. As a result, we see policies that look to drill for oil on the private land of people in the west, the appointment of Alito as Supreme Court Justice, and the decision to push ahead with nuclear power as 'alternative' sources of energy in an effort to suspend our 'addiction to oil'.

  To draw on a reference by George W's father, Aquarius is also the 'thosand points of light', referring to the legions of volunteers which were to rise up to help lift the masses out of their deplorable state. While the sign opposite Leo represents the heart of summer and the concentrated power of the Sun, as center of our solar system, heart of our bodies, or king of the kingdom, Aquarius represents the oppostive end of the spectrum; the cold heart of winter, the clear distant light of 'thousands of points of light', the stars, and the power being diffused amongst a collective known as democracy; rather than the total 'divine' control of the king.

  Aquarius is also not the consistent, concentrated light of the Sun, which burns for us day in and day out. At it's best, it is brilliant; stunning in its capacity for complexity; but at its worst, it goes out, in an unexpected, un-called for, totally out of the blue fashion. It's as though


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