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Week of Jan 20th - Jan 26th, 2006

The Third Wave- again

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  Throughout November and early December of 2005, the WEB outlined a series of celestial alignments which were about to cascade across the shores of our national consciousness.


These alignments consisted of a series of three pairs of aspects, all triggering the natal horoscope of the US, grouped together in a fairly short interval of time, over the course of two months. We labeled these sets the First, Second and Third Waves, and examined what each might hold in store.

  The first two of those waves are now history. On December 6th and 13th (the First Wave), we successfully identified the level of executive disillusionment, with the president's popularity running at an all time low. On December 8th, a report on the national economy came out, which boosted his ratings as the price of oil came down. In the November 18th edition of the WEB we stated that the president would be fighting back, using the powers at his disposal to turn the tide of public opinion. On the 13th of December the president gave the 3rd in a series of 4 presentations to the nation, defending government policies in Iraq and re-trenching our foreign policy. Together, these alignments played out, right on celestial cue.

Bush addresses the nation

President Bush addresses the nation

  For the second wave, we had two aspects setting off the national map on the same day, December 31st. As it turned out, that weekend was full of national developments, with the new Medicare policy coming into effect, Jack Abramoff being told he either had to work with the prosecution or face trail, and weather patterns across the country hammering the nation.

  We now have in front of us the Third Wave, logging in on the 27th and 28th of January, as transiting Uranus squares it's own natal position in the US chart, and Pluto parallels Neptune in the heavens.

  Where transits are concerned, it's the outer planets that we focus on. Pluto moves so slowly around the Sun that it takes 248 years to complete just one cycle.
Pluto Neptune Parallel

The Neptune Pluto parallel

What it means is, when it does make an aspect, in lingers on that degree, crossing and re-crossing the position. I like to equate it with passing one's finger through the flame of a candle. If you do it smoothly, the finger moves the flame aside, and is gone. However, if you stop your finger while in the flame, the heat quickly becomes more than we can stand. Pluto's slow motion is like the finger being left in the flame. It focuses the power and concentration on that one point, and the resulting manifestations are much stronger and deeper. Uranus moves faster than Pluto, but compared to most of the other planets of our solar system, it is still comparitively slow, taking 84 years to orbit once around the Sun. Neptune has an orbit of 164 years. Pluto paralleling Neptune is an alignment which only happens about once every century, but it can indicate powerful changes in how we look at life, and it can indicate the release of deeply destructive influences.

  Uranus squaring the US natal Uranus is an alignment which will be specific to our national map and consciousness. Technology may fail, information is incorrect or flawed, rebellion or sudden eruptions may dramatically make their appearance. The weather can also suddenly discharge in dramatic fashion. As Uranus squared it's own natal position last August 28th, Katrina landed on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Pluto paralleling Neptune is not exclusive to the US chart; it is what is happening in the heavens, so everyone on the planet may feel the pinch, as the forces of the Underworld are released from behind the bronze gates of Tartarus.


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