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Week of Dec 30th, 2005 - Jan 5th, 2006

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  Since the beginnings of the International War on Terrorism, there have been various comparisons between Iraq and Vietnam. The underlying fear is that we will not learn from history, but will repeat the mistakes of the past; wasting lives and resources as we march down a course destined to failure. With the death toll now standing at over 2,000, with social programs being cut to help feed the military machine, with the continued exposure of party officials breaking the law and furthering their own ends or justified by their administrative vision- Americans are beginning to take another look at their presidency and our foreign policy.

Vietnam and Iraq

Vietnam and Iraq
Is there a comparison?

  Celestially speaking, there is an obvious link between Iraq and Vietnam. Between the fall of '68 and through the summer of '70, Pluto rocked back and forth five times in a conjunction to the US Midheaven. The Midheaven (MC) is the high point of the chart, where the Sun would be at true local noon. When Pluto transited this point, our national focus was on a self-destructive path, attempting to force its agenda in spite of popular opinion, refusing to abandon course. Pluto can be blind obsession. It often flies in the face of reason. Under the first Pluto pass in '68, the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence (appointed as a result of the social unrest across the country), warned of a national tendency towards violence. During the last two passes the administration, having been elected on a promise to end the war, announced on television to a national audience that it had been undergoing a secret (Pluto) campaign of massive bombing in Cambodia. Within the week four students had been killed by National Guardsmen in Ohio. Eleven days later two more students lay dead at Jackson State in Mississippi. Social outrage helped to galvanize public opinion against the war.

  The administration was forced to end its quest of military (Pluto-dictatorial) control of South Vietnam. It was over. Nixon had been inaugurated within a week of the second pass. He would not exit honorably. It was all part of the pattern.

Richard Milhous Nixon

Pres Richard Milhous Nixon

  So here we are, thirty six years later. Pluto has moved one quarter of its orbit and is now squaring the US MC. The events will not manifest in exactly the same manner as they did then, but there will be similarities. Bush has ordered the first of the troop reductions. Troop reductions took place under the previous series. Although staunchly defended, the presidents legal authority to govern was questioned at that time. Time will tell if history will repeat.

  At the end of December, the first week in July and during Halloween, 2006 we will observe as the administration is being most challenged by the public will. Each of these is part of the pattern, like reading the first, second, and third chapters of a book. One leads to the next. With the majority speaker up on legal charges, with Rice first defending news of secret jails on European soil, and then defending the disclosure of domestic electronic eavesdropping, the administration is on the defensive. It has begun.

  Senator Arlen Specter, Republican chairman of the Judiciary Committee investigating the current allegations, is skeptical of the administrative claims and declared, "The fat's in the fire. This is going to be a big, big issue. There's a lot of indignation across the country, from what I see."


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