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Week of Dec 2nd - Dec 8th, 2005

The Third Wave

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  Over the last couple of weeks we've been examining a number of celestial alignments running through the holidays. The first pair are in the first half of December, the second coupling on December 31st, and the last set will occur at the end of January 2006, on the 27th and 28th. This final set is what we have been terming 'The Third Wave.'

Uranus in Pisces

Uranus in Pisces

  Outer planet alignments generally occur in a series of three. 'Outer planets' are those further from the Sun. As the Earth 'overtakes' these outer planets on the inner, faster track, it looks as though the outer planets reverse direction and go 'retrograde.' This causes the outer planets to 'loop' back and forth over the same territory, usually in a series of three passes.

      When this nation was born on July 4th, 1776, Uranus was at 8 degrees and 55 minutes of Gemini. Twice this year transiting Uranus has been at 8 degrees and 55 minutes of Pisces, squaring our natal (birth) position. Uranus square Uranus. Weird stuff. People working against common goals or the overall unity; equipment not working as expected or according to plan; unexpected ruptures, rips, or tears; bad information, news or electronic sources.

Katrina's track through the Gulf


  On Jan. 27th, 2006, Uranus will make the third and final pass to the US Uranus. The second pass was the most noteworthy we have seen so far, as Katrina landed on top of New Orleans as the alignment became exact in August. Uranus in Pisces: a wild and powerful sea storm; squaring Uranus in Gemini, leaving the administration at various levels (city, state and federal) pointing fingers at each other, with Pres. Bush ultimately assuming responsibility for the lethargic governmental response. The system failed; the equipment was faulty. Plans had not accounted for a Category 5 storm.

  From a celestial point of view, this makes sense. The retrograde pass is often the most powerful alignment of the series, reversing course and recrossing a position from a different direction, tugging at the very core of the situation. But what happened the first time Uranus squared Uranus on April 5th, 2005? These were a few of the items being reported in the news at that time. The lead story was about the faulty CIA Intelligence, used to justify the Iraq War. Apparently, the CIA had reports that their source was unreliable. At the same time the State Department was finding fault with US firms for their reconstruction efforts in Iraq.

New Jersey storm

New Jersey storm

  Nature also lent a hand by hinting at things to come. Two storms battered NJ and PA within 48 hours. First, a slow moving spring storm dumped 19" of snow on northwestern PA, stranding motorists for hours on a 22 mile stretch of highway and knocking out power to tens of thousands, and then nearly 6,000 NJ residents and 5,715 in Pennsylvania had to evacuate their homes after the Delaware River overflowed its banks. After two days of torrential rains, NJ Gov Codey estimated that property damage approached $30 million. In Mississippi fierce storms ripped across the state, destroying homes and leaving eight injured, one critically.

  As we approach the end of January, these themes will be repeated as we experience the last of this series; but this final alignment will be reinforced by transiting Neptune paralleling Pluto twenty four hours later. Everything will have a greater celestial charge for events transpiring at that time.


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