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Week of Nov 25th - Dec 1st, 2005

The Second Wave

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  Last week we took a look at two successive alignments occurring in the first half of December and described some of the celestial nature of that activity. We termed this tide the first wave.

Signing of the Declaration of Independence

Signing of the Declarartion
on July 4th, 1776

  On December 31st there are two more celestial aspects, this time occurring on the same day. If the time of the birth of the United States of America was indeed at 4:47:22 PM on the 4th of July, 1776 (presumably when the first signer put pen to paper), then there should be a powerful 'kick' happening in the news just at the year is coming to an end. We are terming this alignment the second wave.

      This combination of two of the three outermost planets making hits to the two angles in a single day represents an almost picture-perfect example of a test of this chart. The angles, the Ascendant and Midheaven (and their opposite points, the Descendant and Nadir), are the most sensitive points based on time. Approximately every 4 minutes the Midheaven (MC) moves a degree of arc, and the Ascendant approximates that same rate of speed. Within 24 hours, all of the 360 degrees have crossed these angles, compared to our next fastest celestial contender, the Moon, which only makes a full circuit once every month. From there we jump to the Sun, which makes a full circuit once every year. To have two of the outer planets make alignments to both of our angles on the same day is an exceedingly rare event.

Andrew Jackson

General Andrew Jackson

  Pluto squaring the Midheaven is the more powerful of the two alignments under examination. As Pluto opposed the MC in 1818 and 1819, Andy Jackson was busy chasing Indians into Florida, then a Spanish territory, and then taking over towns there. Within a month of the final opposition, the Florida Purchase treaty was signed with Spain. We forced our way in, and the Spanish blinked.

  As Pluto squared the US MC between 1908 and 1910, municipal corruption was being ferreted in the country. With transiting Pluto in Gemini in the US 7th house, our diplomatic relations with our Latin neighbors were somewhat heavy handed. An over two year force of occupation was finally withdrawn from Cuba in January 1909, while warships were ordered to Nicaragua in November. Their presence ultimately resolved the confrontation there. We sent warships, and Nicaragua blinked.

National Guard at Kent State

National Guard
at Kent State

  And finally, in 1969 and 1970, Pluto was in Virgo conjuncting the US MC. Within six weeks of the final alignment, four students were dead at Ohio State, and two more lay dead at Jackson State. Our Latin American neighbors again entered the picture, as the US stopped drug traffic through Mexico. Operation Intercept also brought border traffic to a virtual halt. Travel was eased after October 10 after official complaints from the Mexican government were heard, but this was chiefly the time during which the administration was admitting failure in Vietnam, and was attempting to have other Asian governments take over the administrative reins before Vietnam was lost. We attacked the Vietnamese in the jungle, and then we blinked.

  The question is what will happen at the end of December? The indication is a sudden release of knowledge or information which causes us to view the administration's role differently. Public support erodes. Information may come out which seriously undermines their credibility (again).


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