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Week of Nov 18th - Nov 24th, 2005

The First Wave

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  As we stand on December's door, the darkening skies forecast some turbulent weather ahead over the next two moons. A war of words is being fought for the minds of the people. This is the first wave.

Pres Bush

Pres Bush

  On Dec. 6th, progressed Mercury will inconjunct progressed Neptune. Something's not right about what's being said. Deception is high. With Neptune conjunct the natal MC, it's the president's image and belief systems that are the focus. Neptune is faith, and under this hard aspect, faith is lost.

      The MC is our reputation and national image. It's not only our leader, but how the world looks at us. Mercury is messenger. What we say. What the government says right now doesn't hold water. The oceanic pounding the administration took over Katrina was a turning point, and its psychological wake has caught the president in its turbulence. These are Neptunian themes. With his media numbers low, the president is soaked, cold and numb.

  One week later on Dec. 13th (part of this wave), transiting Pluto inconjuncts the US Mercury. The government is demanding our attention, attempting to force their decisions into place. This alignment happened twice this year; on February 21st and April 30th. On the former, Fox News was reporting the president's upcoming visit to Russia, a trip during which the chief executive planned to emphasize national differences, specifically expressing displeasure over the Russian $800 million contract for an Iranian power plant. On the latter date FOX reported that due to the Presidential Press Conference on Social Security, there had been a miraculous stock market recovery as oil prices improved. The White House was taking credit.

Lincoln Memorial

Presidential power

  Pluto transits cut deep. Lives are at stake. Passionate economic forces carve deep social furrows. Futures are shaped by manipulating resources thereby guiding destiny. When prog. Mercury first squared prog. Pluto during July of 1860, the presidential race had degenerated into an obsessive, myopic, single issue contest between slavery and antislavery forces. The Democratic Party split in half (typical dualistic Mercurial dilemma), as northern and southern Democrats. Lincoln refused to negotiate over federal property in the South rejecting all efforts to effect a compromise.

  Under the next alignment, as prog. Mercury squared the US natal Pluto in 1861, Pres. Lincoln declared the Confederate States to be in a state of insurrection (August 15). On August 30th, the day of the alignment, General Fremont confirmed the South's worst fears by ordering confiscation of all Confederate property and emancipation of their slaves. Although Lincoln later championed the Emancipation Proclamation on Jan. 1st, 1863, Fremont's orders were presidentially rescinded, and Fremont was later relieved. Between these two summers the country had torn itself in two.

Pluto being served

Pluto being served

  Whether we watch Pluto make a hard aspect to Mercury then or now, the essential themes are the same. National resources are at stake, fortunes and lives are being won and lost, and folks play hard ball; doing whatever it takes to see that they turn out the way they want them to. Pluto is death, rape and all the riches of the Underworld. When Pluto makes a hard aspect to Mercury, he forces decisions.

  'My way or the highway (-or there'll be hell to pay!)!'


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