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Week of Sep 30th - Oct 6th, 2005

Raging Bull

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  There are several alignments coming up this week of note. First, Mars is going to pivot on its own node and go retrograde on Saturday, October 1st. As with any aspect, this one will speak to you if it triggers your chart. Mars pivots at 23 degrees of Taurus, and therefore will impact 23 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), or 23 degrees of Libra or Sagittarius (inconjuncts to the pivot).


The Red Planet

  The metamorphosis has begun.

      Mars is slowly growing stronger and brighter in the sky between now and November, and this pivot will signal similar surges for mortals on Planet Earth. This can be a time of high activity and focus, initiating some new plan, taking on a task of considerable physical stamina or making a name for oneself. It will not be confined to Saturday, although there is likely to be some action which culminates on that day what we have been working hard at over the last few weeks. Look at what you've been building and this will be a significant step forward (or back) as we attempt to muscle our way through. This is a major new beginning, but we may have to approach it from a different direction Saturday.

Solar Eclipse

  First of all, Mars is in Taurus, the celestial author of slow and slower. Because Taurus is a fixed earth sign, whatever it is that we are working on takes long, determined effort, considerable strength, and unwavering will. Since Mars is inconjuncting Pluto (22 degrees of Sag), this will power component is underscored and accentuated. Sexual passion or anger may be unbridled. Because Mars is also inconjuncting Jupiter (24 degrees of Libra), it is a huge undertaking, involving either a great deal of travel, research or study.

      The high side to this combination is that our power output is going up. It will be possible to get volumes written, take on Herculean tasks, or leap tall buildings in a single bound. The down side is that the power output is going up, and our volumes are offensive, our Herculean tasks self-serving, and we go through rather than over the building, without opening the doors first. Power is the name of this game, not diplomacy.

At its worst, this can be belligerence and crude attacks. People are more likely to lose their tempers. Moderate what you say or do to people, carefully consider any expenditures you are making, and try to avoid impulse where possible. Steady as she goes. People take things very personally are very subjective under this combo. Pride goes before a fall.

      A solar eclipse (not visible from the US) will occur on Monday at 10 degrees of Libra , and unlike the Mars pivot, it is more confined to this single degree. If the 2nd, 3rd or 4th is your birthday, or if you have any other planets on this degree, relationship matters may be about to be emphasized big time. If you have been fence sitting, the eclipse will force you to make a decision one way or another. Are you in or out? Partnerships are being sorely tested, and this loss of light could indicate that some old alliances may be coming to an end.

      Finally, on our US Watch, Uranus is inconjuncting the US Ascendant on Friday, September 30th. We are likely to see a break down in team spirit and unity within 24 hours of this date as independents strike out on their own, at cross purposes with the national will. Information of an alarming nature may be revealed as lightning strikes.


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