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Week of Sep 23rd - Sep 29th, 2005

Taking a Step Back

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The Flood

  Welcome to the beginnings of the labor pains. Mother Nature is getting ready to give birth to a New Age. This is what it's like. What was written, sung and preached about in the 60's is now earnestly starting to unfold. I'm not talking about the 1960's, I'm talking about the 60's; when the Book of Revelation was written. The drum beat is growing louder. Deep forces are unleashed.

  The metamorphosis has begun.

      As a part of the Earth Changes, the forces of nature have fallen out of balance. Nature's reaction has been understandably proportionate. In mythical times, it would be akin to Typhoon bearing down on Greece, with all the gods fleeing to Egypt, and assuming different identities to help them hide along the way. Nature can and does rise beyond the range of what society can bear from time to time, and it can bring absolute chaos in its wake.

Earth changes

Earth changes

  We are watching the forces being unleashed at end of the Age of Pisces. That translates as the end of a period of culture. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and they both lord it over Christianity, international shipping, and oil. We have become a multi-leveled, international economy fueled by oil. It is the fossil feul industry that are the pillars which holds this system aloft. What New Orleans has shown us is we are vulnerable. The was one example. There are a number of ways in which Neptune is evident in our lives. These are but a few.

      Neptune is an illusive image. He is the mist or a fog. It seeps into your pours without you even knowing it was there. It's what we can't see. It makes us face the unknown. For two thousand years, as a culture, we have floated in the dark, on faith. While some souls may, or may have not, made it to heaven, the Earth has been left to drift berift of divine guidance.Our spiritual emphasis has been on dropping out. Pisces are those who have been left behind to mind the store, and how they've done.

Flooded streets

      At the end of the Age, there will be a double Piscean stamp. Pisces is the last of the twelve signs of the zodiac, and we have entered the section of the last twefth of the last of the twelve. During this time, anything of a Neptunian 'stamp' will have a greater impact. The ocean, one of Neptune's central domains, are one of these. Last New Year, there was the tsunami, and now we have New Orleans, a new synonym for 'exodus of refugees' in America.

      Another face of Pisces, and of our culture at this time, is its humility. This is a time when peace and love will be in shortest supply, because it seems like things are falling apart; and that is the test that those of us who are left behind must now take. How do we fare in these times of crisis.

      At the end of January, Neptune parallels Pluto, and we will witness a deep sweep by the Lord of the Waters. This is the spark which is currently making other aspects so much more powerful now.

      Because we a in a Pisces-Pisces sub-tenor, the mutable qualities of this water sign are doubled. Again, this is a time of change. We will see much transition over the next few years. Wherever ocean meets land, these tendencies will be emphasized. This, too, shall pass.

      This is part of the wake up call. The forces are getting stronger. Labor, after all, has been known to last for a while; but it has begun.


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