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Week of Sep 16th - Sep 22nd, 2005

The Autumn Equation

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  On Thurs, Sept. 22nd at 6:23 PM, the Sun will stand poised on the Earth's equator,
Autumn Gates (Alaska)

Autumn Gates

and we officially pass through Autumn's Gates, with its rich, colorful harvest, dried grasses and cornucopia delights.

  For those who've never tried it, eggs will align on end as we approach the time of the Equinox. Try this with the kids. For reasons we don't fully understand, when the Sun and Earth sit poised in harmony with each other, eggs can also be balanced on level surfaces. Long ago, this was part of the 'magic' behind determining the exact Equinoxes.

      On the evening of the Equinox, conversations are OK, but we feel a little withdraw and distant later evening. Make decisions on the choices you have, not on what you'd like to have. Look at what you know, discuss it, and move on. Stay in touch with whomever can contribute to what you need to know over the next few months. Just the airing out of ideas with others can help us to make the decisions we need to.


Kids playing together

  As we move into the Fall, we find that many of the old ways are being abandoned. Some of the first real fractures to the political system are starting to become more evident. Saturn in Leo is inconjuncting Uranus in Pisces. Our youth, love and traditional leaders are having a hard time of it right now. We are having to let go of a number of things, not the least because we simply don't have any time. Electrical glitches keep us hopping.

      Mars is currently forming the finger to a Yod alignment between Jupiter and Pluto. In these times of transition, new doorways can open up, but it will be because we paced ourselves over the next few weeks. Mars making a hard aspect to Jupiter indicates that we can want to overdo, to move too hard and too fast in the beginning. Impulse and initiative need to be tempered. Some will simply over energize and get really angry at the situation. Jupiter inconjunct Mars. Too much heat.

New Orleans

      Mars making a hard aspect to Pluto intensifies the situation, bringing in financial strains, or intentional emotional manipulation, but it also gives staying power and deep, lasting insight. It's possible to chip away at larger issues on a daily basis, especially through October and November. Help moderate an otherwise difficult period.

      With all the political uncertainty, many people are feeling more reserved and distant. Things are just a little too weird to be feeling cozy. Many will be disappointed with the humanitarian support systems. We can work together on social levels, and indeed, that is some of the best use of this energy. Those who are willing to give up a few personal artifacts can receive powerful satisfaction for what they have done.

      Although we hear good advice through listening to what others have to say this month, ultimately, this is a time during which we need to make our own decisions. Yes, the Sun is in Libra, together with Mercury and Jupiter; but so is the Moon's Southern Lunar Node. The Autumnal Equinox is a time to realign, to balance, and to get ourself right with the divine; to weigh our relationships and standing with others. In these hectic, chaotic and troubling times, it is more important than ever to find our center, and to make peace with it. Be like two equinox eggs. Keep your sunny side up.


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