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Week of Sep 9th - Sep 15th, 2005

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  Most everyone is familiar with the 5th Dimension song, 'Aquarius, Let the Sun Shine In.'
5th Dimension

The Age of Aquarius
5th Dimension

It's the one with the refrain, 'This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Age of Aquarius,' etc. This single musical selection has probably generated more awareness about a sign of the zodiac than any other- song or sign. From this ditty we learn that Aquarians are free spirited, alternatively minded individuals who work in consort and harmony with all life forms on the planet, attempting to raise consciousness through random acts of kindness and good will. They can be determined and are generally refined, fond of artistic pursuits, music, and literature. They lean towards progressive ideas or social concerns, are good-hearted and pleasant. They can succeed in activities where the steady application of mental concentration, sociability and a network of friends and associates are fundamental. They are inventive, but can also be radical, eccentric or peculiar in some way.

Sign of Aquarius

Sign of Aquarius

  Where do I sign up?

      Generally speaking, the personality characteristics of a sign can also be applied to the planet which rules it. Since Uranus is thought to be the planetary ruler of Aquarius, most of the attributes listed above could also be applied to Uranus, but in a slightly more concentrated fashion.

  This week we had a 'text book' opportunity to study the flip side of Uranus and Aquarius.

      On Sunday, August 28th, transiting Uranus squared natal Uranus in the US national map. When this planet was first discovered in 1781, one of its original associations was as a malefic, a planet which stirred up trouble and chaos. It upset the natural order of seven visible planets, and it's themes of war and revolution seemed to be underscored by the American and even more disastrous French Revolutions, which was to eventually plunge all of Europe into conflict in the Napoleonic Wars.


      Sunday's alignment manifested as Hurricane Katrina which came ashore on Monday triggered by two Venusian aspects to Uranus that day. The malefic side of this planet made itself known, but one would expect such conditions under the square, one of the most difficult of astrology's 'hard' aspects. Social chaos ensued, with complex problems compounded by the lack of quick response teams, damaged infrastructure, incorrect information, loss of power, cell phone signals, flooding of roads, etc. Looters have been running rampant and some have even been shooting at workers involved in rescue efforts. Police have been wounded, floating bodies pushed out of the way while focusing on attempts to save the living, and the list goes on. While Aquarius deals with teamwork, cooperation and the social grid, with Uranus squaring Uranus it is precisely these systems which are breaking down and failing.

      Part of a series of upcoming alignments, we will watch Uranus trigger events again in the upcoming months, as it squares the US Ascendant on September 29th and December 31st, and then forms this same square again on January 27th, 2006. We are watching the national social fabric unwind. On the high side, this can be a time when the rest of us pull together, contributing whatever we can to help restore our faith and commitment to each other precisely because of the celestial choreography.


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