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Week of Sep 2nd - Sep 8th, 2005

The Good, the Bad, and the Philosophically Challenged

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  Jupiter entered Libra in September, 2004 and remains there until October of this year.
Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter in Libra

Together with Venus, Jupiter is considered one of the two benefics of the zodiac, and the transit through this sign can open up opportunities in relationships and partnerships. Jupiter deals with expansion, enthusiasm, joviality, and a spirited and excited disposition over the short term. On the high side it is opportunity and luck, while on the flip side it can be foolhardiness and an excessive appetite for life.

Jupiter and Neptune in Air

Neptune and Jupiter in Air

  While in Libra, Jupiter has been trining Neptune in Aquarius. Both Libra and Aquarius are air signs, and their general nature tends to get along and be sympathetic to the concerns of the other. Taken together this alignment has provided a period of satisfaction and imagination. For those who know how, it has provided an opportunity to center ourselves, both spiritually and interpersonally. Libra deals with a social justice built upon the maxim that what's fair for me is fair for you, while Aquarius looks to the larger idealogy of what is best for society. These are two different layers of social concerns. Libra is more dualistic in its framework, while Aquarius is more pluralistic. Libra looks for way to make life more pleasant or fair for you and me. Aquarius is more focused on overlooking the rights of the individual if the good of the larger community is really being served.

      With Jupiter currently in Libra, this will be a time when people are likely to be more considerate of others, with dispositions logging in under a more balanced calibration of the scales. Folks are more temperate, sincere, kind, congenial, diplomatic and obliging. They are conscientious and perceptive, like good music, tend to be merciful and subscribe to an unwritten code of justice. If their financial means allow, they are supporters of the arts and can be charitable, philanthropic and enjoy cultured entertainments. Advantage is uncovered through partnerships, and it is a time when we are likely to cross cultural boundaries to learn more about others in distant corners of the world.

1950 Marriage

Education, marriage and
a promising future

  If this placement is making some nice aspects to your chart, either by transit or natally, it can lend itself towards advantages deriving from commerce, employees, the arts, theaters, medicine, law, human relations, and consulting. A happy marriage and fruitful union are indicated, with honors and recognition being derived from these areas, both for now and in the future.

      If Jupiter in Libra makes hard aspects to your chart, then these same areas can be more problematic. There can be partnership and legal difficulties with rancor, open accusations and enemies. Your idea of justice may be locked into a philosophical or religious idealogy which simply seems foreign, outdated or too extreme politically. One's knowledge of another's cultural heritage may be somewhat thin or superficial. Travel for education is indicated, but there can be clashes with the culture. Public displays of animosity are possible, or you could marry someone whose educational, religious, or social background is so foreign that the in-laws never quite get over the fact that you are, when all is said and done, a foreigner with some very strange ideas about how life ought to be lived.


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