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Week of Aug 26th - Sep 1st, 2005

This is a Test

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  This week we look ahead to some celestial signposts
above the clouds

Oil Rig

which will be hitting in quick secession in the coming months and don't bode well for the country. In this column, we'll identify what's happening and when. It will also represent a test of the US national map calculated for 4:47:22 PM LMT. There are a number of US charts circulating for the 4th of July, 1776 as the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence was not historically recorded.

  In a nutshell, December is the month of reckoning. On December 6th, progressed Mercury will inconjunct progressed Neptune, and on the 13th transiting Pluto inconjuncts natal Mercury.

      My first thought is that at least a portion of these alignments will involve the price of oil. I suspect that as we head into the holiday season, events will pressure our economy and make travel (ruled by Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods) much more uncomfortable or unaffordable. A portion of the pallor which settles in will be born of a loss of faith in our basic securities; either because they are not holding their own on the world market, or because of some manifestation of the War on Terrorism, or both. The first of these two alignments is more disillusioning, leaving us groping for answers, while the latter aspect involves more draconian measures and intensity of purpose. Hard decisions will be made, and there will be some serious cuts which we, as a nation, will have to endure.

Towed oil rig

An oil rig being towed

  But it will be at the end of the month that the US national map will be tested. It is the angles of a horoscope which are most sensitive to small changes in time. If you have ever watched the Sun or Moon rise or set, you are watching how quickly the planets actually move against the framework of the Earth. The Earth turns at this speed all the time, but when we have something like the horizon against which we can observe it, it's much more obvious to the naked eye. The angles of the chart are the Ascendant and Midheaven, and their opposite points, the Descendant and nadir. Together, these four lines form 'cross hairs' somewhat like a bombing sight. The Ascendant and Descendat form the horizontal line, while the Midheaven and Nadir form the vertical line. Any small shifts in time change these postions dramatically. The outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) move so slowly they amount to days, weeks, or even months in difference as to when they make their exact aspects to the angles.

US transits in December

End of year transits

      On the same day, within a little over six hours from each other, transiting Uranus will square the Ascendant as transiting Pluto squares the Midheaven. Either of these aspects, taken by themselves, are quite potent. The two together will magnify each other's power, providing a sudden and powerful shift in the national consciousness. The date is December 31st, but because the Moon and Mercury are conjuncting Pluto in the 48 hour period just prior to this, we are looking at the 29th through the 31st as potential 'triggers'. Our national image will be tarnished, either because some news or information comes out about the executive or government, or, because we are once again taking a political hit internationally. If the 7 degrees of Sagittarius rising chart for the USA is correct, there will be metaphorical bombs bursting in air. If it isn't the correct chart, there won't. It's as easy as that.


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