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Week of Aug 19th - Aug 25th, 2005

A Straight Forward Mercury

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  The Messenger has taken flight above the clouds,
above the clouds

Mercury takes flight...

once again changing direction in the stars, and our plans finally start to make some headway this week. This is a time of initiative, of putting ideas back on track. Seeds sown at this time have a better change of taking root, so get out there and sow some seeds!

  Mercury's been retrograde since July 22nd, and 'things' have come up which have forced us to redirect, sidestep, or go back and rethink. Our lives were put on hold. It's all stuff we've had to deal with. As any planet changes directions, it slows down and 'hangs' for a longer than usual period of time in the same sector of the sky. The last pivot was on August 15th as Mercury slowed down, stopped its retrograde motion, and is now beginning to gather momentum as he goes 'direct' once again. This week, Mercury is picking up steam, and the delays and log jams are beginning to move behind us. It's time to move forward on projects more central to our core.

      The nature of Mercury is the day to day activities


of life; what changes in the air, the weather, the news, how you feel and what you have to do today. It's the mental buzz that's happening all around you.

  If Mercury makes a good aspect, you like what you hear or things make sense and fit together well. Our little checklist is in our pocket, and we're on our way to getting a third or fourth item ticked off.

      If Mercury makes a hard aspect the phone rings and rings, you can't get through, they give you an answer which just doesn't fit with your perspective of reality, etc. The nature of Mercury IS change, of how to arrange it into our days and lives. Mercury is the chatter of radio stations and television commentary. It's what you're reading right now, what shifts as soon as there's a knock at the door or you get behind the driver's wheel.

Full Moon over Texas

Full Moon over Texas

And speaking of daily events, we see that this Full Moon (8/19- 26 Aquarius 50'), is right on top the US Natal Moon (26 Aquarius 57' in the 3rd house). That's about a tenth of a degree out of exact, which is really tight. The Full Moon in the sky will be illuminating the Moon in our national map. The Moon is the feminine; Mom, daughters, the womb, breasts, stomach and food. It's our memories and nostalgia.
Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan

An Aquarian Moon would indicate a free-spirited, independent minded, I-feel-different-about-it-than-you-do kind of woman. Because the US Moon is in the US 3rd house, it deals with her issues of communication and freedom of speech. It may not be the heart, but it is certainly the soul of this country.

      Naturally, the theme bubbling to the surface by the light of the silvery screen is Cindy Sheehan as she seeks to have an audience with the president by camping outside his place in Crawford, Texas where he is taking a five week vacation away from Washington. Cindy wants to ask the president more about the noble cause for which her son gave up his life.

      This issue will come to a peak Thursday evening, Friday, and Friday evening as the Moon culminates just before 2 PM EDT on the 19th. The media, national and maternal attention (all lunar issues) will be most focused at this time, either because the president responds or because he doesn't. The cool light beaming off the face of the Earth's first and most important satellite will rivet the national focus on how we really feel about our Moms.


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