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Week of Jul 8th - Jul 14th, 2005

The Nature of Neptune

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      This week, Neptune is going to be triggered by a number of aspects. Friday evening, the Sun will inconjunct Neptune; late Friday and Saturday night the Moon will oppose and contraparallel it; late Sunday morning, Mercury will contraparallel it; Monday afternoon the Moon inconjuncts it; late Monday evening Venus will oppose it, and finally Wednesday morning Mercury opposes it. This is an unusual number of triggers to a singular planetary body, and with Neptune starting the week (midnight Friday morning) at 17 degrees of Aquarius, if you have anything at this degree, or at 17 degrees of any of the fixed signs, or 17 degrees of Cancer or Virgo, your cage is about to be rattled.

      Neptune is the planet which is said to rule the mutable water sign Pisces. As a mythological character, he is the Lord of the Ocean. There are many manifestations which this combination can produce, but here are a few to look for. First of all, let's start with the basic position. With Neptune in Aquarius, electronic machinery, computer equipment, our friends, and even science, knowledge and information can go missing. Neptune

      Computers may not work, we lose files we have been working on, emails never arrive, email addresses, which have always worked fine before, suddenly do not perform, or we forget our passwords. This extends to cell phones and their service, fax machines, telephone answering machines and the like. Astrological services may misinterpret or lose credibility. Social services which provide for the general welfare may experience a major disappointment. Our futures look a little more bleak, because something has changed and will no longer be there when we turn to it.

      One of the best 'catch words' which I have found for Neptune is the subconscious. It is what resides below the level of consciousness, and what we don't know, can't see or don't understand. If the answer is 'I don't know', you are probably working with Neptune.

      The planetary combinations will set off and activate this position, and if you do indeed (let's take the most obvious and powerful example) have something at 17 degrees of Aquarius in your chart, then each of these alignments will flush a layer of emotional activity or sensitivity. Neptune sweeps away old and outdated conditions. The problem is that at that time, we don't understand why they are being lost. We are generally not aware or in tune with what will take their place, and therefore we are saddened, dazed or confused by the turmoil and emotional attachments which have suddenly (because it's in Aquarius, this may have a 'lightning like' quality to it) disappear. The oppositions and contraparallels from Venus and Mercury indicate that this is happening because others don't follow through on what they said they were going to do. With Venus and Mercury in Leo, someone may tell us that they don't love us anymore, or that they are not there for us.

Woman crying       One of the tricks with Neptune is not to be too saddened by the loss or turmoil, because what seems to be the situation at the time turns out not, in fact, to be the case, and we later find that what we were all bent out of shape over, isn't as bad as we thought. It sweeps the stage preparing for the new act. Know that all of life is change. Have faith, patience, and remember to back up your files.



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