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Week of Jul 1st - Jul 7th, 2005

The Tenth Degree

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      This coming Wednesday, July 6th, at 8:02 AM EDT, is this year's Summer New Moon. It will be exact in the 14th degree of Cancer, and signals the emotional heart, and start, of the season. The Moon rules Cancer, and so is more powerfully placed in this position. Any New Moon signals the initiation of new enterprises. In this case, it is a time wherein we can begin to retool how we approach life, especially with regard to the following areas:

      The Moon and Cancer rule all areas of diet, from the gardening and growing of the food, to its eating and digestion, and the effect it has on the body afterwards. This is a time under which we can either begin or end old dietary patterns. Because the Moon rules emotions and feelings, habits fall under the luster of the lunar lamp; those conditioned responses which we automatically respond to without thinking about it. The body also falls under this category. We can reshape its outline, or, this can be a time where the body is choosing a path of its own. Summer New Moon 2005

      Other categories which fall under the silver ray are memories, our homes and families, Mom, the stomach, breasts and womb, babies, and all things aquatic, such as swimming, pools, bathtubs, and river, pond and lake recreational activities. This New Moon could indicate a new place to live or more extensive work on the home, bathroom, pool or garden.

      If we take a step back and examine the chart of this New Moon, we find that it is not the fourteenth degree which stirs the greatest activity, but the 10th. On the day of the New Moon, there is a Yod being triggered in the heavens between Mercury and Venus (which are just coming off a conjunction, and are basically in the same place in the sky), Jupiter, and Uranus. A Yod is a three way combination, which is best described by the letter 'Y'. Generally, there are two planets which sextile each other, while a third planet inconjuncts these two positions. It is similar in shape to a dowsing rod. The sextile would be where your hands would hold the rod, while the third planet sits at the tip of the rod, or base of the 'Y'. These alignments stir matters up, and this one should be no exception. In this case, Venus and Mercury are under the left hand, Jupiter is under the right, and Uranus is at the tip of the stick, pointing the way. Mercury and Venus are in the 10th degree of Leo, Jupiter in the 10th degree of Libra, and Uranus is in the 10th degree of Pisces.

      Naturally, the more planets which are involved in a single pattern, the more complex the issue becomes, but here are a few possible manifestations of what could happen under this combination.

No cell phone       It is likely that many people will be surprised by information presented at this time. Uranus in Pisces is the planet of sudden change, stimulation or revelation in the sign of the subconscious. We can be told things that we did not know, or we may discover some piece of evidence which helps to drop an entirely new picture into place. Jupiter, when it is present in multiple combinations such as this, generally acts to magnify the situation, making it bigger or bringing in people or places from afar.

      Per usual, if you have any planets in the 10th degree of Leo, Libra or especially Pisces, this combination will shift your current take on reality. Computers, software and/or the Internet may generate problems. In general, many people will not like the information coming through, or you may be in a location where you have no cell phone signal and cannot get through. Many will find this problem irritating and be very aggitated by the news, as though our systems were on too much caffine. Be very careful on the roads.


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