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Week of Jun 24th - Jun 30th, 2005


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      While the Sun entered Cancer's front door on June 20th, there is a procession of activity about to step out the back of this sign this week. Mercury has been racing along after Venus, who has held the lead but losing ground. The fleet footed messenger will catch (conjunct) her this coming Monday, but just before he does, each of these two inner planets catch (conjunct) Saturn in the 27th degree this weekend. Many of us will experience some of this as domestic obligations. These will effectively begin to wind down a situation which has deep roots and began a long, long time ago. In the skies, these three are lining up just benearth the watchful gaze of Castor and Pollux, the heavenly twins.

      Over the weekend, and extending through at least Wednesday, we will be thinking about and negotiating with folks we live with. Is our space too small? Just what are our responsibilities? Late Cancer

      Commitments will be made, and broken; but know that there is real promise in what is about the unfold. Saturn generally demands sacrifice, often of our time. It is a precious resource, and one of which there is a limited amount. Like it or not, a way of life may be about to culminate, and move on. Saturn tests us. It makes the situation a little more difficult, knotted, gnarly or tough. He says, "Do you really want this way of life? Do you STILL want it if (in all these various ways) it's not as pretty as it once was?" Of course, your answer will depend on how true you are to your chosen course. We might be asked to do with less, food, finances, or emotional support.

      Venus first conjuncts Saturn on Saturday evening. Dress traditionally. Do what is expected. Hard work, painting walls, construction, redesigning the professional image or making a commitment of resources. Have patience with delays.

Father Time       Early Sunday morning, Mercury conjuncts Saturn, and now the decision must be made, the difficult words spoken, the early arrival necessitated, the hard work engaged or our time committed. Mercury parallels Saturn, igniting this same theme again Wednesday (June 29) afternoon. If you've got a big project going on this week, these should be turning points tied to progress.

But as Mercury and Venus align with Saturn, they also make a stellar aspect to Jupiter. For those who are willing to sow long term seeds, there's real promise here. Information, relationships and diplomacy pay off in big ways. Hard work and commitment now offers handsome future profits. Some of the high side should be obvious Monday as we talk it over with others. Conversations and discussion lend valuable insights. What is being talked about in holds some truth. Tuesday morning both Mercury and Venus leave Cancer and enter Leo. We start to deal with new issues, which takes our minds from the weekend's realities.

      Over Saturday, Sunday and Monday three planets are coming together in the heavens. If you have any planets at 27 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn), or at 27 degrees of Sagittarius or Aquarius, this alignment is apt to rock your boat. Conjunctions are the most influential of all the planetary alignments, and in three days we will experience three of them. This is a time to be using this energy to finish up old projects. Resolve old emotional disputes, put away the tools, books or papers you used to work on these issues. The time has come to move on.


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