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Week of May 27th - Jun 2nd, 2005

We're Number Two

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      This week we take a look at Gemini, the archetype of duality. The Sun has now entered this third slice of the zodiac, a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury.

      Each of these symbols opens a doorway of information about the nature of this planet and sign. Mercury rules the mind and mental functions, not only such as thinking and speaking, but also muscular coordination and dexterity. Our body has two nervous systems, one that responds to conscious thought, such as, what am I about to say; and one which responds to unconscious thought, such as, I need to keep breathing. Naturally, this latter nervous system continues to work even though we may be asleep. Geminian themes are reflected in many different ways; in our personalities, in the seasons, in history and in various other avenues. In the body Gemini also rules the lungs (where we take air into our bodies), arms, and hands, each of which comes in a set of two. Gemini

      This notion of duality follows creation. After the one, there was two. This Geminian philosophy sets itself up in the many reflections which exist all around us, of life being divided into night and day, people into male and female, and of the Tao being split into yin and yang, etc. When one considers that all computer programming- all software no matter how elementary or complex- is based upon the binary system of yes and no, we begin to understand just how powerful this notion can be. Everything from Pong to missile guidance technology, from Photoshop to the iPod is based upon the dualistic system of on or off.

      In an effort to reflect heavenly 'will' here on Earth, the cultures of antiquity continually sought to follow their moment in time, their 'poloroid' of the heavenly motions, and then to honor that reflection of heaven here on Earth. If heaven, or if you prefer, if God wanted the notions of duality to be held in the highest regard, then it was the duty of the people of Earth to do so. As the king or chief was the heavenly representive here on Earth (being ordained by heaven has deep roots), so this representitive must reflect the divine will. It was for this reason that we see the Dogon of Africa celebrating and honoring duality and 'twins' (the perfect reflection of the 'One' looking at itself) in their creation myth. It is for this reason that the Pharoahs would marry their sister, or that Cronos married his sister, Rhea, or indeed, that Zeus married his sister, Hera, later to become the Jupiter and Juno of the Roman pantheon. Their roots extend back when the Spring time point was passing through the constellation Gemini.

Big Egg       It is also for this reason that so many ancient mythologies incorporate notions of the one being represented by the egg. From the egg are born all the birds of the air. In Dogon, Norse and Indian mythologies, there are myths of the one (the egg) being split into two, with the upper half of the shell becoming the heavens, and the lower half becoming the earth. Although the time of the 'egg' was six to eight thousand years ago, we continue to look for the egg at springtime in our traditional hunts, and the egg actuality can be balanced to stand on its end as we move into the exact alignment of the equinoxes. The influence of this sign on the equinoxes is still felt today.

      The period of time from approximately six to eight thousand years ago was when the vernal equinox was moving through this constellation of the zodiac. At that time, creation (spring time) was born of duality. Duality was supreme.

      Number Two was Number One.


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