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Week of May 20th - May 26th, 2005

A Marked Moon

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      On this coming Monday, May 23rd, 2005 there will be a Full Moon worthy of note. It will be exact at 4:17 PM, and is located at 2 degrees and 47 minutes of the sign Sagittarius. The Full Moon represents a peak of emotional activity, when our feelings are strongest, and when we are most likely to do things based upon gut instinct rather than rational thought or common sense. Standing between Sun and Moon with the Earth in the center is akin to having someone pull in opposite directions on both arms, thinning our chest as the bone and muscle is stretched to accommodate the tension. So the Earth is pulled, with the oceans and land masses representing her muscle and sinew, with the greatest high tides among the results.

      Because this alignment is falling along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis (Sun in Gemini, Full Moon in Sagittarius), this is a time of adapting to change and transition. These are mutable signs, and the celestial calling is to learn to go with the flow. However, before they get there, the Gemini will want to talk it to death, looking at every possible angle, three times over. Full Moon in Sag

Firey Blabatarius isn't about to be caught with their philosophical principles down, and warms to the match quickly. Add a dynamic emotional charge, and we can have serious disagreements, powerful acquisitions and forceful demonstrations. All of this desribes the traditional Full Moon we experience every month.

Full Moons flush their emotional intensity in the degrees (2 degrees Gemini and Sag respectively) under which they occur; but they also flush any other planetary aspects which happen to be occurring at the time. At 6:21 PM on the same day, Saturn will be inconjuncting Pluto. Because these two are outer planets (further from the Sun) they don't 'move' very fast and we don't see combinations between them very often. As a result, their effects are also deeper and more powerful for those whom they impact.

Saturn Pluto Inconjunct       Pluto is the lord of death and the Underworld. Saturn is the ruler of time, experience and the marrow of our being; our careers, structure, and skeletal systems. It is both tradition and the anvil upon which our lives are fundamentally hammered. As Saturn inconjuncts Pluto, a long established pattern may come to an end. If you have anything in your chart between 23 and 24 degrees, then you will catch part of this powerful aspect. If you have anything between 23 and 24 degrees of Cancer or Sagittarius, you will especially feel it. This is a time of a major new direction. The past is being left behind. Families and our futures are being what are being shaped.

Administrative changes will also be taking place world wide in which the government comes down on.. whatever. Those in positions of power are either delving or are being dealt a devastating blow. Individual charts mold these celestial influences depending are where the planets were when we were born, but with the Full Moon and the Saturn Pluto inconjunct within 2 hours and 4 minutes of happening at the same time, each will draw from the strength of the other to give a more resonate blow when they strike. The better we can understand the long range perspective of its purpose in our lives, the better able we will be at coping with the changes and moving on.


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