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Week of May 6th - May 12th, 2005

Weather Report

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      Good morning, campers! This is your celestial weather report for the week of May 6th through the 12th, and there are a couple of highlights which catch our eye for the upcoming week.

      In looking at the daily aspects, the Moon is responsible for more of the celestial activity than any other 'planet'. Because it travels from 12 to 15 degrees a day (of the 360 degrees in a full circle), it makes more aspects than anybody else. The Moon rules many things, but in general deals with our moods and how we feel at any given time. The Full Moon

While the Moon squares Saturn, we will tend to feel more limited and boxed in by circumstances. When the Moon is trining Jupiter, we feel good and more upbeat and spirited in our approach. But the Moon can make up to a dozen or more aspects in a day, and then it quickly moves on to make another. Hence, our moods can shift considerably between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Next in line, as far as activity is concerned, are the Sun, Mercury and Venus. These have been called the 'royal entourage', because Mercury and Venus never venture too far from the Sun, and are most often seen as morning or evening stars, either rising just before the Sun, or setting shortly after it goes down. There are a number of times through the year when Mercury and Venus cannot be seen, because they are actually lost in the glare of the Sun. The Sun is thought of as the 'King', hence the name.

Neptune's Eye       These three 'planets' (astronomers don't like it when we call the Sun and Moon 'planets') are next in orbital speed as seen from the Earth, and therefore involve how we do things (Sun), what we are thinking about and how we verbally express ourselves (Mercury), and what we enjoy or are drawn to (Venus). What we see least often is aspects being made by planets at the other end of our solar system, such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These planets move so slowly that it is not often that they fall into these geometric configurations. On the flip side, though, because they move so slowly, they 'hang' in these aspects for a longer period of time, and will generate the same impact for breakfast, lunch and dinner for several days running, possibly even lasting for weeks, depending on the aspect.

This Saturday, at 3:49 AM, Jupiter will inconjunct Uranus at 10 degrees and 10 minutes of Libra and Pisces respectively, just before the New Moon. Emotional tensions will tend to come to the surface around relationships. Much of what it is that we don't care for is being agitated to the surface. Inconjuncts (many astrologers call this 150 degree aspect a quincunx) are hard aspects and require a considerable amount of time and effort to work out. Hard aspects to Jupiter generally involve issues of excess, of attempting too much, going too far, stretching resources, etc. With Jupiter in Libra, the equation of our relationships is suddenly thrown off balance. With Uranus in Pisces, this may come about through a sudden revelation or discovery. We may uncover news or information which we had not known before. With Jupiter inconjuncting Uranus, however, there may also be a tendency to overreact, and to make sudden demands, or to unexpectedly get into, or out of, a relationship. The advice here is to let the dust settle until at least after the New Moon (Sunday) before acting on a flash in the pan.


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