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Week of Apr 29th - May 5th, 2005

"You better start swimming..."

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      Many of the trends of our society are molded by the outer planets. These heavenly bodies lie so far from the Sun that the gravitational attraction exerted on them is less, and that they therefore 'fall' more slowly around the Sun. For this reason, these bodies remain in a single sign for extended periods of time. This causes the molding power of the planet time to more fully shape the elements of the sign through which it is passing. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the outermost three planets in our solar system. While Uranus takes about seven years to pass through a sign, Pluto averages a little over twenty years, although there's a considerable amount of fluctuation in its orbit. Each planet crafts their themes through a sequence of cycles and helps to shape humanity's perceptions around particular issues. It's easy enough to see the currents shift through the 20th century as Neptune has moved through the signs of the zodiac.

      In the early years of the century as Neptune passed through the water sign Cancer, people identified with the sea, the great luxury liners, and the dreadnoughts. Little Boys wore sailor suits like the image on the Cracker Jack box. Nationalistic sentiments marched us right into World War I. In 1917, Neptune moved into Leo, and monarchies began to disappear, and after the war, Neptune in Aquarius

fun and frivolity took on new meaning during the Roaring Twenties. In 1929 Neptune left Leo and entered Virgo, and jobs disappeared. Work went away. As the planet of the subconscious, Neptune represents what we can't see or don't know. It was a time when getting a job was almost identified with a religious experience, and people's psyches were branded with just how important that was, because so many people did not have them. It was a time of belief in physical perfection and personal power. Superman was the Man of Men. Neptune moved into the air sign Libra in 1942, and Superman Supremacy reached its peak in Europe, and air power began to turn the tide. Relationships were fanned in the romance of the flames of war, and many took a chance, married, and went off to fight. When they came home some found they had jumped too quickly, and divorce began to skyrocket (disappearance of marriage). Neptune moved into Scorpio in 1957 and we said hello to sex, drugs and rock and roll. In 1970 it left this sign, and the Beatles broke up, Janis, Jimi and Jim all died, and an era ended. Neptune entered Sagittarius, and the world, beginning with ABC's televised coverage of the Olympics, took a major new look at sports, excess, and 'Have a nice day!" Neptune entered Capricorn, and society went back to work on careers, we were run by the Republicans, and conservative values found a new stage.

Cracker Jack Box       Uranus is now in Pisces, Neptune's in Aquarius, and Pluto's in Sagittarius. The first and the last of these deal with religious sentiment, and we are seeing a new emphasis on moral values with a vigor and enthusiasm which has not been espoused in some time. Religious reaction is currently being whipped up to influence the outcome of judicial appointments, the Pope just passed, and the Church's future agenda is again coming under review. Throw into the mix the US Sun just entering the sign Pisces (about a 30 year period), and we can be looking ahead to spiritual currents flowing in this country for quite some time into the future.

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