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Week of Apr 22nd - Apr 28th, 2005

Rainbow Rider

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      Driving across the country, one finds a rainbow of colors within the different personalities of each of the states of this Union. In February, this journey began in Colorado, a Leo state with Mercury (6 degrees), the Sun (nine), Mars (thirteen) and Uranus (nineteen) in the sign of the royal heir. Although it usually surprises people new to astrology that states and countries could have personalities and astrological charts, they derive these from the time and date each was incorporated into the Union. For Colorado, this was August 1, 1876, one hundred years after the nation was born on July 4th, 1776.

      With all of these planets in Leo, this is a playful state with a great deal of enthusiasm and energy for life. Leo rules fun and games, and its association Colorado Tennessee Florida

with children helps to make this obvious. Whether biking, skiing, jogging, hiking, mountain climbing, roller bladeing, horseback riding or a host of other recreation activities, one could look out the window in Boulder and see one or two of these activities at any given time of the day. The vista of the mountains certainly helps in painting this majestic picture, and with a Moon in Capricorn (the sign of the mountain goat) we should not be surprised by the state's hilly contours. Unfortunately, Mercury's inconjunct to Saturn in Pisces and square to Ceres in Scorpio (an asteroid) helps to underscore the lack of the state support for the educational system, near the bottom in their spending per child in the country.

      Florida is also often thought of as a vacation state, and with a Sun in Pisces, it is a great get away, a place to hide or escape from the normal routines of everyday life, especially for those along the eastern seaboard. It's coastline is married to the Gulf in the west and the Atlantic in the east, and so we shouldn't be surprised by its rulership under the sign related to the ocean. Like Colorado, it shares a Moon in Capricorn, but here, instead of the mountains this energy has been translated into retirement homes for the elderly, a long time tradition. Comedians once called Florida God's waiting room. But aside from the Sun and Moon, Florida has six planets and asteroids in Aquarius, and this is one exciting, independent, eclectic state where anything could happen, and often does; from Spring Break and Daytona Beach, to the Harley Davidson motorcycle gatherings and fast paced new and modern allure of this cosmopolitan culture. Miami at times feels like something out of the Jetson's (Meet George Jetson...) through its architecture. Add to this a Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Aries (Uranus rules Aquarius, and this alignment yields yet another layer of vitality and excitement to the Aquarian planets), and you could almost have a state so filled with vibrations that it borders on revolution.

Flag of Tennessee       Tennessee is a Gemini state with its Sun conjunct Saturn. Difficult administrative hurdles and adverse circumstances have contributed to making it one of the poorest states in the country, as the Sun squares Jupiter in Pisces; but the flip side is that religion is very strong as Jupiter is in its old rulership in Pisces. For many Tennesseans, what they don't have only deepens their faith.

      Each one of the fifty states of the Union has its own personality and characteristics, a soul to be revealed under the microscope of the horoscope.


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