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Week of Jan 7th - Jan 13th, 2005

This is the End

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      In the 21 years during which the WEB has been writing this column, we have been talking about the End of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of Aquarius. For years we have been saying that the year of 2012/2013 will be the pivotal time around which we will begin to shift gears. Both the decades leading into and coming out of these dates will obviously be important, and will represent some of the power of this transition. The Gulf and Iraq Wars have represented a part of the shift, the hole in the ozone, the hurricanes sweeping across Florida in quick succession, the 500 year floods and now the earthquake and resultant tsunamis in the Indian Ocean have made it clearer that these forces are building. We will see more to come in the remaining seven years, of even greater power. In a nutshell, during this time the Age of Pisces will come to a conclusion, after which time the vibration of the new era will more fully begin to command center stage. Many of the events which will continue to take place in the world will have greater impact, with the powerful forces of nature beginning to dictate the political and social agenda, as they are now. Pisces has represented a time of isolation and separation, whereas Aquarius will represent a community effort striving for the common good. The down side of this recent destruction is obvious. The up side is that it is bringing us together as a world community, uniting our efforts to help alleviate the pain of those in need.

      The RAMC (Right Ascension Midheaven) approaching an alignment with Omega Piscium is the driving force behind these building events, marking the dividing line between these two archetypes but here are a few of the specific details which led to the disaster which occurred over the holiday week. Tsunami Map

      The Full Moon was the immediate trigger. An adventurous team of scientists were even able to predict this earthquake ahead of time, missing the exact moment by 28 minutes, and the exact epicenter (location) by 157 km. The story can be found at Possibly their biggest miscalculation was that they felt it would be a 7.0 Richter Scale quake, not the 9.0 which actually occurred. What was the medium which they used to make this determination? Why, an alignment of the planets, of course.

Canis Minor and Procyon       In examining the Fixed Stars the most obvious strike was Saturn's alignment with Procyon, which was within 5 minutes of arc out of the conjunction to this star on the Winter Solstice, and 22 minutes of arc (one third of a degree) out of an opposition to Chiron at the time of the quake. Here are some of the traditional associations which are ascribed to it:

      'It is noteworthy that the ideas of water and drowning seem to be universally associated with this constellation (Canis Minor). In addition to the Greek ideas embodied in the legends its Euphratean name was the Water Dog, and its Chinese equivalent Nan Ho, the Southern River, certain of the stars being called Shwuy Wei, a Place of Water.' -Vivian Robson

      Put in another way, we are 7 years away from the end of a 2,152 year cycle. The WEB has long stated that planetary alignments are most felt as you build into them. We now stand at 99.7% of our way through this Age, if our calculations are correct. Pisces is ruled by the Earthshaker, Neptune. Aquarius rules the winds. Put in mythic form, these two are about to joust for the hand of the maiden Earth. Poseidon's thunder

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