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Week of Nov 5th - Nov 11th, 2004

Taking time in Texas

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We are products of our environment. While this sentiment is exactly not original, I appreciated its essence anew recently while in Texas.

Jackson and Bush It should come as no surprise to people that the recent presidential election was one of the most polarizing in history, with huge numbers of people turning out to vote. Whether one prefers Bush or Kerry, Republican or Democrat, the battle lines have been drawn, and for many the choices are clear. Is there anything which celestially accounts for the passion in politics we are currently witnessing, and have we seen it before in history? Of course there is.
Pluto paralleled the US Moon in 2004. Public passions have been much stronger this year. This aspect last transpired during the Jackson/Adams contest of 1824. Like 2000, one candidate felt as though he had been cheated of the popular vote, and worked very hard to win the 1828 (following) election. Jackson felt as though Adams had entered into a 'corrupt bargain' in order to win, and worked incessantly to turn the tide of public sentiment.

The US has a Sun in Cancer, a Moon in Aquarius, and Sagittarius rising. Our Sun in Cancer makes us a highly patriotic people with strong bonds to our home, family and country, all issues ruled by this fourth sign of the zodiac. The Moon rules the national sentiment, how people feel. Although these two are linked through rulership, their placement in the US chart describes two very different sides of the national personality.

The Moon in Aquarius represents a people born of diverse nationalities, religions and races. You might think of it as the rainbow coalition, with our various skin tones standing for the different hues of our social fiber. These are the backyard inventors, the educational opportunities, and the technological edges which our country has claimed from its inception. We are bright, educated, and diverse, and come from a wide range of backgrounds offering a broad worldly perspective.

On the other hand, our national Sun is in Cancer, together with Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. We are highly emotional and family oriented, trusting to our roots. Our world is defined 'from sea to shining sea'. We are colored by the thoughts and opinions of our local environment, of regional concerns. What our community feels is a major factor in influencing our vote, and of how we look at life. Whether we respond by plugging into the Internet and alternative publications, or whether we listen to the Network News, we are molded by our inputs and make our decisions based upon what we hear.

While visiting in Fort Worth, I had an occasion to watch the evening news. The leading story, one examined in great detail, was about a serial killer who had recently hit the local truck stop and left the body of a half naked victim behind. Local shots, bystanders, and outraged sentiments were all explored. The second story was also about murder, while the third was a story of multiple murder. The first news event which broke this mold was on the local Girl Scout troop, and of how they were working to obtain a box of cookies for every GI in Iraq, and of their congratulatory letter received thanking them for their efforts and inviting them to Washington to meet with the chief executive as 'national heroes' for their work.

If I lived in Texas, I'd vote for Bush, too.

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