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Week of Oct 29th - Nov 4th, 2004

The Countdown

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We are on the countdown to the election, which will occur on Tuesday of this week. The fate of our nation hangs in the balance. Which way will it turn?

Progressed US Chart 10/29/4 We currently stand at the tale end of a chapter of our history. In different ways, both the Sun and the Moon are coming to the end of their respective cycles. As we speak, the progressed Sun in the US chart is in the last minutes of Aquarius, a sign which deals with science, technology and the future. It enters Pisces on November 7. The progressed Moon is also finishing up a cycle, getting ready to conjunct the natal Sun on December 11th. The progressed Sun is at the tail end of a sign, the progressed Moon at the tail end of a circuit. A time is ending and a whole new epoch is getting ready to begin.
Taken together, these are two stones on the same path, leading us to our new destiny. It will not be an easy time, and many of the institutions which have been artificially propped up over the last few months will begin to feel the effects of the transition, as a facade is peeled away, and the reality of what has been happening begins to come to light. Because the Moon is at the tale end of its cycle, the public has been kept in the dark (the dark phase of the Moon) about many things, manipulated by propaganda and the media machine. We are very likely to see a huge correction in the financial market as a result. As we move into 2005, slowly the truth will begin to come out about some of the deceptive practices which have been taking place.

Part of the good news is that this is genuinely a new start. It will be a time when we can begin to repair a few of our relationships with our international neighbors, not only overseas, but right here in North America as well. The down side is that we have some very powerful aspects coming up through the course of 2005, when many of our fundamental national beliefs will be shaken. We will begin to take a look at some of the history of this alignment in the country over the next few weeks, examining what has gone on before when similar triggers were being set off in the national map. In a nutshell, the US has natal Mars squaring Neptune at the peak of the chart. In the past, we have often been deceived about the true nature of our motivations for going to war. Transiting Pluto will be opposing Mars, squaring Neptune and inconjuncting Mercury throughout 2005. These are not easy alignments. Pluto is the ruler of the national 12th house. As it squares Neptune we will witness some cherished beliefs dying hard, many of them about our role in the world, the reasons we have been motivated to move in the directions we have, together with the misuse of power around the office of the presidency. Neptune conjuncts the US Midheaven, and the image of the role of our father figure is about to shift dramatically. There will be a loss of innocence.

Many issues now stand at a crossroads, our foreign policy, the economy, education, elderly, and poor. The upcoming New Moon in the US 8th says that we are about to see our national resources in a new light. What do we have, and what has been lost? We are approaching a time wherein our capacity to acquire credit, the free market enterprise system, and our natural resources will find themselves on a new footing. In many ways it will be a rude awakening; as though coming from out of a bad dream. It is also a time of healing, when we can look to life with a renewed compassion for each other, and our future. The progressed US Moon


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