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Week of Oct 15th - Oct 21st, 2004


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The state of Florida was admitted to the Union on March 3, 1845. Using noon as a birth time since the exact moment of entry is unknown, we have a state with a Sun in Pisces and four planets in Aquarius; Saturn, Neptune, Venus and Mercury. Pisces is the sign by which we relax. It is sleep and dreams and our down time, when we don't have to focus on the day to day concerns of life. The relationship of Pisces to the ocean should be obvious to everyone, and this is the leading vacation state in the nation, with more coastline than any state save California and Alaska, and more tourists coming here, especially during the winter, than any other. With the development of air conditioning in the 20th century, it became a year round vacation location.

Florida The Aquarian themes help to stir up the interest and activity in this exciting, dynamic, ever changing state. The constant coming and going of people from all over the nation and world bring an influx of ideas in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, conjuncts Jupiter in the first few degrees of Aries, adding to the earlier Aquarian four planet stimulation. Everything from Disney World to Cape Canaveral and the NASA space program comes under this banner, pioneering new interests,
and making technological fantasies come true, as well as the incredible level of competition (Aries) by the schools and even professional sports teams found here, such as the Miami Dolphins.

With Saturn at 13 degrees of Aquarius in Florida's natal map, transiting Neptune has been rocking back and forth over this position this year. On August 22nd, and again on December 22nd, we are witnessing the Lord of the Sea demanding his due. Saturn is the planet which deals with structure. In our body it is the bones and skeletal system. In a state this becomes the buildings, roads, highways and bridges, the material infrastructure which binds and holds the state together. As Neptune conjuncts Saturn, this infrastructure is dissolved and placed on an entirely new footing.

While driving through Florida after the four hurricanes, one could see trees down or snapped everywhere. I photographed one house which had been ripped from its moorings and tossed some distance from its original location. Along certain extended sections of I-10, all of the highway signs had been ripped away from their steel supports, and had been later propped back up by the highway department by simply placing their base on the ground and leaning them against whatever had been left standing. While driving through the panhandle, there was one location where I-10 passed over a river with two bridges, one for each direction of traffic. The seaward bridge bringing traffic east had major sections ripped out of its middle, and all traffic had to be rerouted over the remaining bridge. Highway signs

Birth Map of Nashville, Tennessee In the short term, Neptune has one, final pass to make over Florida's Saturn in December, and it remains to be seen how this conjunction will affect the state. It is entirely possible that this will deal with the aftermath of all these storms (or some other manifestation of the power of the seas), but as we move into next year, transiting Pluto will begin a series of trines to Florida's natal Pluto, and credit and other financial resources will be made available to help rebuild one of the crown jewels in the American national tiara.

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