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Week of Oct 8th - Oct 14th, 2004

Pilgrimage to the Parthenon

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After an engaging and entertaining presentation on Astrology in the Bible at the Unitarian Church in Knoxville, I decided to set out on a Full Moon quest, some three hours west as the van flies to the Parthenon in Nashville. There, in the heart of the city close to Vanderbilt University, stands the temple of the Goddess of Wisdom.

The State The Full Moon's light cast shadows beneath the trees as I drove slowly the park sometime after midnight. Finding a place to park, I grabbed my camera and went to pay my respects. Lit by floodlights at opposite corners, I was totally unprepared for the size and majesty of what stood like a glowing, luminous gem against the cool night. There in front of me was the temple of Athena.
The Parthenon in Nashville

Known as the 'Athens of the South' for its number of colleges and universities, Nashville was incorporated on April 24th, 1780. This gives it a Sun, Mercury and Mars in Taurus with a Capricorn Moon. The agricultural roots of all these earth signs should be fairly evident, but there are many other 'clues' inherent in the personality of this distinctive city of the Old South. Strong earth signs indicate a belief in the soil and traditional, time tested ideals. More recently, banking has been coming on strong, slowly replacing more agrarian interests. Music has of course been important to Nashville for a long time. Is there anyone who is not aware it is the Country Music Capital of the world? Not only does Venus rule all of these Taurian planets, but in this chart it conjuncts Uranus in Gemini for an explosive, radical, sudden, exciting, revolutionary eruption in thought. Through the Grand Ol' Opry and a host of records companies, this is the place to come if you want to 'make it' in the music industry. Venus and all the Taurus planets relate to the music itself, but it is the Capricorn Moon which translates it all into a huge business.

In addition, this Venus Uranus conjunction in Gemini is trined by Jupiter in Libra. Returning to this notion of southern education, this is a wonderful combination for the exploration of the educational arts. Nashville is a player not only on the national, but also on the international stage. For its history and charm, for the stories and the music, a sizeable tourist trade has developed to make this city a destination, both for day tripping (Venus Uranus in Gemini), and for the international caller (Jupiter in Libra). Athena Parthenos
Athena Parthenos
Birth Map of Nashville, Tennessee If we examine this Capricornian Moon a little more closely, we see that the asteroids Ceres and Pallas (Athena) also conjunct it in Capricorn. To put it quite simply, this city's wisdom is in her government and her architecture. The Parthenon, one of the most incredible structures of the ancient world, has the only full scale replica in a better state of repair than the original. Originally constructed as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition for the City in 1897, it today stands as the centerpiece of Centennial Park. An earlier plaster model was replaced by a concrete version in the 1920's, and during the 1990's a full sized replica of the goddess,

Athena Parthenos, was put back inside the Temple, using contemporary materials and the most accurate descriptions from the works of ancient writers. Indeed, the entire Temple looks much as it would have upon its completion in 438 BC.


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