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Tennessee was admitted into the Union on June 1, 1796 as the sixteenth state.

The State This would give it a Sun Saturn conjunction in Gemini and an Aries Moon. The Ascendant is dependent upon the exact birthtime, and while I have been toying with 4:27 PM, it will need a considerable amount of testing to determine if, in fact, this is close to the mark.
The State of Tennessee

The Geminian duality is strongly in evidence. Many feel as though the state is sharply divided into two, if not three multiple personalities. The eastern portion of the state is strongly conservative, very religious, mostly Baptist and in general Republican, while the middle and western sections are more progressive and entrepreneurial in their spirit. This split was easily evidenced during the Civil War, as the eastern section was reluctant to break away from the North. It was the last state to join the Confederacy and the first to be readmitted to the Union. In fact, during the first year of the war, Tennessee was both represented in the United States Congress and by the Confederate States of America.

The Aries Moon is witnessed by the strong emotional spirit of its people as pioneers, as those willing to seek new adventures. When the country went to war with Mexico, it sought 2,800 volunteers. Tennessee offered 30,000, and became thereafter known as the 'Volunteer State.' Even before this, during the war of 1812, Tennessee far exceeded it quota of troops for the war effort. I was fortunate enough to watch a University of Tennessee football game while in Knoxville, and the spirit of the team and its supporters was impressive, with thunderous ovations erupting every time the ball was moved forward, rockets being shot into the air high over the stadium each time there was a UT score, and even boos when the other team first appeared on the field. The Seal of Tennessee
The Seal of the State of Tennessee

When I commented that the pitched engagement seemed to be like a battle, I was mildly corrected by my date, "No, this is not a battle. It's a war." Her point was well taken. The emotional support was whipped to a feverish pitch. The Moon in Aries, together with Mars in Sagittarius make for an incredibly enthusiastic spirit.

Birth Map of Tennessee This sense of adventure also opened the way to new pioneering endeavors on what was then the frontier. Many are familiar with the legendary conflicts of Davy Crockett and his heroics both before and at the Alamo, but how many are aware that in the 1850 federal census, over half of the people in Texas were originally from Tennessee. In fact, the President during the inception of the Mexican war was also from this state, James Knox Polk.
Birth Map of Tennessee?

Unfortunately, because of the Sun Saturn conjunction, elementary education has traditionally had a hard time in Tennessee. It consistently has rated around 48th or 49th in the nation in its spending on education and per capita income. It's teachers are among the poorest paid in the country, and yet it is one of the most highly taxed states in the South. A night at a hotel can have anywhere from 15 to 18% added onto the bill as a part of its transient (Saturn in Gemini) and other taxes; yet tourism is this states third greatest industry.

With Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Pisces (the sign of its traditional rulership), religious faith is alive, well and robust in Tennessee, and is both deeply felt and strongly defended by its adherents.


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