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Week of Sep 17th - Sep 23rd,  2004

President Bush

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  Although looking at the charts of the individual contenders is not the manner in which I generally determine the outcome of an election, a number of people have been asking and wanting to know about the charts of President Bush and John Kerry.
Pres George W. Bush

Pres George W Bush

This week we will look at the chart of the President, and at a couple of the alignments which are taking place as we build into the elections in November.

  George W. Bush was born on July 6th, 1946, which places his Cancerian Sun in the 12th house. His Libra Moon is in the 3rd as part of a stellium (several planets conjuncting each other), and he has a Leo Ascendant, with Mercury, Pluto and Venus in his first house. These last alignments are what give him a strength of presence and an ease in his role as Commander-in-Chief. A tight Mercury Pluto conjunction in Leo is a powerful combination, providing him with a penetrating mind and the capability for a powerful delivery. The intensity of his convictions will alienate those who do not agree with his orientation, but he will stick to his guns when pressed on an issue. This is a man in charge.

Pres George Bush

Pres George Bush

  It is his Cancerian Sun which establishes his obvious link to his family, both to his Mom (Cancer is the sign which deals with Mom), and his Dad (the Sun in Cancer suggests a patriarchal family head). There is the suggestion that for a long time, he fell in the 'shadow' of his Dad and was not really a power in his own right, at least on the national stage.

  His Libran Moon in the 3rd suggests an ability to tune into and relate to his audience, offering personable, local references with which the audience can identify. He has a Moon Jupiter conjunction which helps to expand these sentiments to a wide audience, reaching many people. Other politicians have used this same alignment to move the mood of the masses before. Because he has Neptune as the lead planet in his third house (communications), and because his Lunar stellium squares his Sun in the 12th, what he attempted to communicate often loses something in translation. He knew what he wanted to say, and usually his audience does as well, but it was a little fuzzy in the delivery. People just 'misunderestimate' (sic) him.

George W's chart

The chart of Pres
George W Bush

  On August 6th, the President's progressed Venus conjuncted his progressed Jupiter. This is a very favorable alignment and occurred right after the Democratic National Convention. At that time, network coverage of the Convention was limited, and Bush's polls were surprisingly strong in the week following the opposition's moment in the Sun.

  The other powerful alignment which has yet to unfold is that the President's progressed Ascendant will square Uranus as it conjuncts the progressed MC on October 31st, right before the elections on November 2nd. What that suggests to this astrologer is that there will be some media exposure, some piece of information which comes out about the president which is fairly damaging just prior to the elections. Records or documents which cast a less than flattering light (he said diplomatically) spring to mind. How much this actually hurts the president remains to be seen, as his Uranus North Node conjunction is nicely aspected in his natal chart, and offers him something of a teflon like surface, wherein it is difficult to make things stick. Nevertheless, whatever it is will not be flattering to his campaign.