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Week of November 7th - November 13th,  2003

Harmonic Concordance

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  This Saturday, November 8th at 8:14 PM EST, there will be a collective world wide meditation which will be set into motion due to a relatively rare celestial combination known as a Star of David. There has been a fair amount of activity on the World Wide Web about it, together with some powerful claims concerning this event.

  Some people have said that this will be the time when the voice of God will be transmitted to us, and that this is, in fact, one of the final events building into our transition into the new age. Others feel that it is linked to the series involving the Mayan calendar, of which the Harmonic Convergence was the first event of note.

  Whenever there's a Star of David, there is a wonderful set of alignments which interact to form an extensive energy gird which impacts us here on earth. While God doesn't need the planets to achieve the 'miracle' of His speaking to us, what this alignment will do is attune people to their inner natures and their abilities to 'hear' what's going on within.

Star of David

Star of David

  There are two kinds of Stars of David; those which fall in Fire and Air signs, or those which fall in Earth and Water signs. This one is of the latter variety, and if you have anything in your chart between 10 and 16 degrees of the feminine signs (Earth and Water signs), then this 'event' will more directly impact you. If you don't, then you will be less likely to personally notice much difference.

  A Star of David is a six pointed star. It is also two superimposed triangles, one pointing up, the other pointing down. In astrology, when three planets align such that they form a triangle, it is known as a Grand Trine.

  The Water Grand Trine is as follows: the Sun will be at 14 degrees of Scorpio, Saturn at 13 degrees Cancer, and Mars at about 10 degrees Pisces. The Earth Grand Trine starts out with the Moon at 10 degrees of Taurus in the morning, building to 16 degrees at the time of the Full Moon later that night. Jupiter is at 14 degrees of Virgo, and Chiron is at 14 degrees Capricorn. Since all of these alignments are a combination of 'smooth' aspects, things will tend to be more joyful and upbeat, and our capacity for an inner harmony or tranquility is facilitated. In effect, there is more inner 'juice' which helps us to further whatever we are doing. Those who are already intuitive may find their inner connections more strongly activated, with sharper messages or clearer pictures. Some who have never experienced an inner awakening of this nature may do so under the influence of the planets. This theme is regularly elicited by the monthly Full Moon. But for those who simply live in the corporeal reality of the world and find this sort of thing to be silly or even ludicrous, they will see nothing to change their opinions. The water signs reflect for those quiet enough to sit and listen to the silence, but particularly with Saturn as a part of the mix, it will take time for its effects to be fully realized. This is a time of sowing seeds for the future, and not necessarily a time of reaping rewards for past efforts.

  Those who would wish to participate should begin their prayers, meditations or rituals close to the top of the hour, and build into the 8:14 PM resonance. Certainly whenever people get together around the globe and coordinate their efforts, then the amplification of their hopes, desires and wishes are magnified. Combine this with a very conducive celestial environment, and you cannot but help to impact future events in a positive way. Times are changing, and we need all the help we can get.

  God Bless us all, every one.