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Week of October 17th - October 23rd,  2003


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Saturn getting ready to pivot

  We're now in the middle of October, a time during which Saturn is slowing and getting ready to make a pivot in the heavens, halting its forward motion and beginning to go 'retrograde'. The pivot occurs on the 25th, and as it makes this station it conjuncts the US Sun in a tight 4 minute of arc aspect. Saturn is the Lord of Karma, Time and experience. Its nature is constriction. It rules Capricorn, and when the Sun enters this sign on the first day of winter, the season is cold and hard. We wrap our arms around ourselves in an effort to stay warm, wear more clothing and close doors and insulate windows in an effort to keep out the elements.

  In the US natal chart calculated for the 4th of July, 1776, we have a Sun Saturn square. Last April 4th as we examined the national map we took a close look at this alignment as Mars set this configuration off on the 25th and 28th of March. Naturally, Mars is the God of War and victory, and at this time our military effort was slowed (constricted) as the weather in Iraq hampered our ability to see what the enemy was up to. Here is a report from the NY Times on what was occurring at that time.

Mars- God and Planet


  "Weather Impedes Coalition"

  "WITH THE FIRST MARINE DIVISION, in Iraq, March 25 - Fierce desert weather, even more than the stubborn pockets of resistance, conspired to slow the allied advance today."

  "While the troops continue to move en masse toward Baghdad, their pace was slowed by a huge sandstorm that brought a virtual halt to much of the war and hampered the long supply and reinforcement lines, which stretched all the way back to the Kuwaiti border."

  This is precisely the kind of effect that astrology would be looking for at this time. The point of all this is that now Saturn, rather than Mars, is getting ready to trigger this same alignment. It will not be the military which is being impacted so much as it is our chief executive, the President. His popularity is being constricted, or is at a low during this time. As we pointed out in our September 19th edition, this would be in the areas of international opinion and the economy. Both the Sun and Saturn are connected to the President as Saturn rules Capricorn, and deals with bosses, leaders, executives and those who run the show. The Sun rules Leo and is, quite simply, the sign of the King.


The Sun rules The King
or authority figure of a country

  By the time you read this, transiting Mercury will have come through on the 14th and 15th of October and will have given us a clue as to what is about to transpire. Mercury is the messenger of the gods, and news stories will have appeared in the media which point their fingers to what it is that is about to happen on the national front. We will be hearing clues as to the seriousness of our past actions, and what the ultimate consequences may be. Since Mercury is located in our Solar System right next to the Sun, it moves at a much faster rate than the other planets, and will often come and 'set off' an outer, more powerful alignment such as this.

  So this will be an excellent time to watch astrology in action, to sit back and see what labors must be performed to help lift this country out of the malaise which we now find ourselves embroiled in. Of course, this will simply be a small step in a larger path, as it all will not come to an end until the US progressed Sun enters Pisces in November 2004 (the next election), and we will be left to pick up the pieces and make the best of what is left. Pisces is a sign wherein things often do not proceed as anticipated, but larger divine forces are at work preparing society for conditions which have not fully manifested yet. Our compassion, spirituality, and connection to inner, unseen forces will come into play, but in the meantime, many material manifestations often end, dissappear or are lost under this, the twelfth sign of the zodiac. The United States of America is getting ready to receive some new lessons in humility which will commence in 2005, but will last for approximately the next 30 years.