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Week of April 18th - April 24th,  2003

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  In our April 4th, 2003 edition of the WEB entitled "Timetable" we examined the role of Mars in the US chart, and noted that transiting Mars (where Mars is in the sky currently) was about to make a hard aspect to natal Mars (where Mars was in the US chart when the nation was born). The following was the final paragraph of that week's column.

Mars- The Roman God of War


Mars- The Roman God of War

  "The pass of transiting Mars in opposition to the US Sun and squaring Saturn is now over. The sandstorm has ceased... But as we look to this week, transiting Mars will again make three hard aspects to the US chart, on the 5th, 6th and culminating on the 7th (Eastern Time), as Mars inconjuncts the US natal Mars. We will watch to see what happens as the real cost of the war comes home."

   Mars in the US chart is in Gemini, the sign of communication and transportation. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and deals with what is said, what people think, and various kinds of communicational issues, such as reading, writing, and reporting the news. Within 24 hours of our predicted alignment, three journalists were killed by US military actions. The following is a report from the NYTimes:

   "At Least 3 Journalist Die in Blast at Baghdad Hotel"

   KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait, April 8 - At least three journalists, including a reporter for the Arab satellite channel Al Jazeera, were killed and several were wounded today during an American air raid and an artillery barrage in Baghdad."

   "The Al Jazeera reporter - Tariq Ayoub, a Jordanian - was standing on the roof of the station's office just after dawn, doing a live broadcast of the warfare in Baghdad when the building was hit, by two air to surface missiles, officials at Al Jazeera headquarters said."

   Mars inconjuncting Mars is an aspect which could be described as hurting yourself. On the 6th, as Condoleeza Rice arrived in Russia in an attempt to smooth relations over Iraq, Russian diplomats claimed they came under fire as they attempted to leave Baghdad, although they had notified the proper US authorities they would be doing so.

Baghdad under assault


Baghdad under assault

  "Convoy of Russians Attacked in Baghdad"

  "MOSCOW, April 7 - Nearly two dozen Russians, including the ambassador to Iraq, came under attack twice on Sunday as they tried to leave Baghdad in a convoy of automobiles, Russian and American officials said."

   "The Russian ambassador, Vladimir Titorekno, today accused American troops of firing on his convoy of diplomats and journalists, injuring at least four Russian diplomats."

  "The firing from the Americans lasted for about 30-40 minutes," Mr. Titorenko told the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya satellite channel before heading for Syria. "The economic counselor tried to signal to let them know we are foreigners but they fired at him and now he is suffering wounds to the head."

  An Arabic reporter killed while doing a live broadcast, Russian diplomats shot and wounded as they left Baghdad, and German and Spanish reporters killed when a shell from a US tank hit the principle hotel where international journalists were staying; all manifestations of how the US military was hampering the administration's efforts to portray this war as a precision guided instrument which was doing a minimum of harm to noncombatants.