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Week of April 4th - April 10th,  2003


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  While examining the chart of the United States for July 4th, 1776, many of the war's recent developments can be observed and easily monitored. Falling back on traditional interpretations, Mars is the God of War and the military. If we follow it's progress, the aspects either made to this planet natally, or which transiting Mars (where Mars is in the heavens) makes to the US natal map can help us understand some of the conditions which the US military is currently having to deal with.

US Tank-Iraqi President


US Tank-Iraqi President

  In the US natal chart, this country has a Sun Saturn square. The Sun is located at 13 degrees of the sign Cancer, while Saturn is located at 14 degrees of the sign Libra. Transiting Mars triggered this alignment, passing over the 13th and 14th degrees of Capricorn on the 25th and 28th of March.

   Here is a report from the NY Times as the beginning of this alignment occurred.

Baghdad Sandstorm


Iraqi Sandstorm

   "Weather Impedes Coalition"

  "WITH THE FIRST MARINE DIVISION, in Iraq, March 25 - Fierce desert weather, even more than the stubborn pockets of resistance, conspired to slow the allied advance today."

   "While the troops continue to move en masse toward Baghdad, their pace was slowed by a huge sandstorm that brought a virtual halt to much of the war and hampered the long supply and reinforcement lines, which stretched all the way back to the Kuwaiti border."

  The sandstorm was to last for three days, precisely the three days during which this alignment was being triggered. Saturn is the planet of constriction; it slows things down. It is also something of a dark cloud. As the US initiative began to bog down, public opinion began to waver at home, as the 'quick war' promised by the Bush administration seemed to evaporate with the sandstorm. Also on the 25th, the Times ran an article which simply stated,

Marines in Iraq


Marines in Iraq

  "Pentagon Tries to Dampen Expectations of Quick Win"

  The implications here are fairly obvious. By the 27th, the Times was reporting,

  "March to Baghdad Slowed, U.S. Forces Weigh Strategies. CAMP DOHA, Kuwait, March 27-

  The United States military now faces a series of difficult calculations in its efforts to overthrow Saddam Hussein and his government."

  This article goes into all kinds of details that the Coalition Forces are now facing. With one third of the military force in the field which was used in the first Gulf War, the military finds themselves stretched thin as they must contend with annoying attacks in their rear which threaten their supply lines. The military is relying on the use of their advantage in technology, but planes and high precision bombs do not hold territory.

  The pass of transiting Mars in opposition to the US Sun and squaring Saturn is now over. The sandstorm has ceased, and the air force is now back on the job, with helicopters again supporting the ground assault, and high altitude planes and missiles attacking Baghdad itself. But as we look to this week, transiting Mars will again make three hard aspects to the US chart, on the 5th, 6th and culminating on the 7th (Eastern Time), as Mars inconjuncts the US natal Mars. We will watch to see what happens as the real cost of the war comes home.