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Week of February 21st - February 27th,  2003

Saturn's Shadow

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   A dark, somber shadow falls across the courtyard of the Time Lord's keep, the cold reaching right through the ancient stone walls and floors. The cloudless grey skies nightly release what little warmth the Sun brings, wrapping the landscape in a stillness that huddles to escape winter's frozen embrace.

Dark Castle


The Time Lord's Castle

   Whenever any of the planets change direction as seen from the Earth, they appear to slow down in their motion, grinding to a halt, and then begin to pick up momentum in the opposite direction once again. This means that for a short time, their energy lingers on a particular degree, spending longer than usual concentrating their powers on one spot.

   This Saturday at 2:52 AM EST, Saturn's retrograde motion comes to a halt at 22° and 8 minutes of Gemini, and then it will slowly begin to climb through the latter degrees of that sign once again. Saturn went retrograde early last October, and this indicates a period when administrations everywhere entered a time of review, going back over initiatives, rather than forging ahead into new territory. As the Daily Planets for the opening days of our week indicate, this is a time when more serious decisions will have to be made, and official proclamations will have important consequences.

   In the chart of the United States, born on the 4th of July 1776, we have a Mars Neptune square, with Mars in the 7th in Gemini squaring Neptune on the Midheaven in Virgo. Saturn's pivot is coming to a halt right on top of this alignment, and brings a whole new tenor to actions initiated at this time.




   The US Mars is 21° Gemini 21 minutes, which means that Saturn is coming back to within 47 minutes of arc of pivoting on this planet. Mars in Gemini in the 7th house represents what our neighbors are saying about us. Saturn on Mars says that it's a downer, it's restrictive and conservative. This especially relates to military matters, Mars being the God of War. While Mars in a chart represents 'go', Saturn says 'stop'. The emergency brake is on. Now mind you, this is still Gemini, and so it represents what people think or are saying. It does not mean that we are 'hardwired' to those opinions. But even more importantly, the Saturn pivot is squaring the US Neptune at the top of the chart at 22° Virgo 24 minutes. The pivot is only 16 minutes of arc out of exactly squaring this point, did square it as it backed into this position, and will square it again as it begins to move forward. The president (as represented by the Midheaven or top of the chart) is being frustrated by world opinion. He is isolated, and morally and spiritually cut off. There is a lack of feeling, sympathy, empathy, understanding or compassion at this time, all issues ruled by Neptune.

   Regardless of international perspective, the choice of what to do remains in the president's hands. Astrological council would indicate that this is not a time to try to push forward, for if one does, the forward progress will be greatly impeded and will come at a great cost. Nevertheless, free will indicates that we are allowed to choose whatever course we will. Now would be a good time to add your collective voice to the call to be cautious, however, as the voices of Berlin, Rome, Paris, London and even New York sound a resounding 'No.' Give peace a chance.