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Week of January 31st - February 6th,  2003

Bush in a Box

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   Over the course of the next 48 hours, judgement is about to be rendered regarding the futures of Iraq, the US, and the world. When you read this, the events will already be past, and you will have all the advantages of hindsight.

Gulf War Poster

Like watching a bad movie

   On Jan. 27th, arms inspectors will submit their reports to the UN. This is the moment everyone has been anticipating. In the Sept. 13th edition of the WEB, well before the public was notified, Athena mentioned January 27th as one of the critical days wherein it would be all over for Saddam. On Jan. 28th, President Bush will be giving his State of the Union address before Congress and the nation.

   We are about to cascade down a precipitous slope. The people, the country, and the Congress are being manipulated by the administration in order to provide a smoke screen for the state of the nation's economy. Foreign objections, such as those raised by France and Germany are played down. Domestic objections, such as the Washington peace rally on Jan. 18th, are also minimized. Mass media reported 'tens of thousands' (NYTimes 1/19/3) of protestors turned out to declare their opposition to the war. While strictly speaking this was true, one could equally have said 'hundreds' turned out for the demonstration. The figure was somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000, and the correct phrase should have read 'hundreds of thousands' turned out to oppose war with Iraq.

Don at DC peace rally

Don at the peace rally

   The WEB gave a series of predictions about events surrounding the war, among which were the air war would start in earnest at the end of December as Pluto opposed Iraq's natal Moon. NPR reported in early January that, in fact, the air war 'over the last couple of months' had shifted from a 'quid pro quo' status, responding to their being fired on by taking out radar installations and the like, to more actively attacking defensive positions without provocation in preparation for an offensive strike.

Powell and Bush

Sec of State Powell and Pres Bush

   The WEB also felt that Jan. 15th would be the start of the ground offensive as transiting Uranus conjuncted the US Moon. In this, quite simply, we were wrong. This was a flash point, and during WWI, a major offensive was launched the day after the same alignment. What did happen on Jan. 15th was that the President stated he was 'sick and tired of games and deception'. On the same day the administration resisted calls by other nations to secure the explicit blessing of the UN Security Council before going to war with Iraq. 'The White House further suggested it could decide in favor of military action even if weapons inspectors do not turn up concrete new evidence against Saddam.' (NYT- 1/16/3) On Jan. 16th, UN weapons inspectors discovered 11 empty chemical warheads at an ammunition storage depot in southern Iraq, and 7,000 marines set sail for the Gulf.

Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein

   With Iraq's progressed Ascendant conjuncting their natal Pluto on the 27th, the threat of obsessive temperaments will reach a crescendo in the next 48 hours. We are at a crossroads. It is the personal opinion of this astrologer that you do not send 150,000 troops overseas to perform guard duty. One builds and equips armies to use them. The season to launch campaigns is now, during February. Do you think the administration will hold all these troops in place and simply wait until next year?