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Week of Dec 20th - Dec 26th,  2002


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Lightning Warfare

Lightning Warfare

   Over the course of the last six years, the Web has been studying the chart of the United States of America. In that time, we have learned much about who we are as a people, and how our national character has evolved. We now stand at a crossroads of history, and the events that are about to unfold will reveal a side of our character that is, to put it mildly, less than appealing.

   Astrology is a fascinating discipline. The positions of the stars and planets at birth lay down patterns which can be discerned and studied. Charts can therefore be analyzed, with critical periods determined in advance. This works for all of creation, for everything under the Sun. There is a time to be born, and a time to die. If the moment of birth can be determined, the chart of that person, place or thing can be reviewed. This can be for individuals who simply want to know about themselves out of curiosity, or for nations, cities and states. We all have personalities which set us apart and distinguish us one from the other. Astrology represents one of the basic tools which help us to understand these differences, and better appreciate who it is that we are.

   A very critical set of celestial alignments are getting ready to unfold, and this will be one of the last times we have to review the data while it still remains in the realm of foresight. Our prayers at these times will help, whatever happens.

Pluto Oppose Iraq's Natal Moon

   During the last 48 hours of this year, on the 30th and 31st of December, Iraq will undergo three powerful alignments, any one of which could be considered to be very difficult. On Dec. 30th, Pluto will oppose Iraq's natal Moon. This will initiate the first of three alignment through the course of this year which will first destroy, and then remake the country. The other two dates will be June 24th and October 30th. Pluto is the planet of power, obsession, manipulation, and control. An opposing point of view (the opposition) by a foreign power (Sagittarius) will be forced (Pluto) on the nation (Moon). These successive alignments will represent chapters one, two and three of the unfolding story.

Spirit of '39

Defending First Strike Capacity

   The other two alignments at the end of the year both occur on December 31st. First, Chiron will inconjunct Iraq's natal Uranus, and then, a few hours later, Uranus will inconjunct Iraq's natal Ascendant. This indicates that major breakage, disruptions or disasters will occur at this time. At its worst, technology will unleash its cruel power and rend the nation. Uranus rules the 8th house in Iraq's natal chart, the house of death, destruction, and natural resources. In it's most obvious scenario, laser guided missiles and supersonic jets with ultra sensitive cloaking devices will be used to disrupt Iraq's information gathering systems and command structure. Much of Iraq's intelligence infrastructure will be devestatingly ripped apart at this time, and it will stand alone against the world. Uranus inconjuncting Chiron will only serve to underscore the pain and wounds (old war wounds being reopened) which will be undertaken by these actions.

   On Jan. 15th, the US will sends in the full force of the military as Uranus conjuncts the US Moon.

   On January 27th, Iraq's progressed Ascendant conjuncts Pluto, and Saddam Hussein's career as the leader of Iraq effectively comes to an end.